JT Loves Winter Me Not so Much

You already know that if you are a friend and follower.  I wanted to do a post as this year comes to an end.  Yes not a Re-Blog though I love sharing cool stuff  others spend the time to add to WordPress.

So this one will be of a Happy Dog.  You see when the weather is warm you will never see her do this the flying disc will get all the play time but let a few inches of snow fall and you knows right where she has tucked her winter toy away.  I have told you she is smart a time or two right.

Here is a series I shot of her and her winter toy.  I kick then snap photo, this time with a bulky Nikon not as easy to capture her as I did with my Kodak so excuse the faults in the photos and just try to see the Joy as I witnessed.

Kick it Mom!
Got it Mom let’s do that again OK
Here I come Mom get ready!

Quit taking photos and kick my ball!


Last one? Why?

She hates when I say last one.  She will play till she drops in this kind of weather.  As she ages the summer heat takes it’s toll on her but winter no way.  She watches the squirrels play and eat in the yard  as I do my beading and every now and then she will turn her head and look at me with those beautiful eyes begging to go back out.  You see she knows me after almost 8 years Last One really are just for a minute or two.  I get dressed again and open the door and off she goes to where she left her ball.  No wonder the heating bill is so high in and out like your children see she is my little girl.

Happy New Year from our home up here in New Hampshire to yours.  May this year coming be a beautiful one with peace and harmony for all mankind.

17 thoughts on “JT Loves Winter Me Not so Much

  1. I love the absolute focus dogs can have on a ball or a frisbee. My dad had a cocker who treated a tennis ball like JT does her bigger ball. I swear it’s obsession. -Curt

    1. I swear you are right 🙂 She has not flock of sheep to keep inline but she has us 🙂 and did you see the post on Doing Laundry as I washed her toys and hung them out to dry on the line you would have thought I killed her babies 🙂 silly girl 🙂

    1. As she is almost 8 I dread the day we don’t so I play each day I can with one arm or not she is so lucky she got us but we are luckier to have her to love XO

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