So Fast Indeed……. sorry lousy FAST photo, pretty color though 🙂

It was windy and cold so we stayed home.  JT was tired of staying in so I slid my boots on and wrapped a warm scarf across my head and face lol I must be getting old 🙂 and when I grabbed the camera she ran off to get her Frisbee.  She is too smart but I must have told you that before.  Most of us are now old friends. I still didn’t have my coat on and she was running back and forth from the door to me in the kitchen.  Going on 8 but some days more like a two year old.

I took her out to the area that was clear of snow and where the least ice was on the bare ground. Last thing either us needs is an emergency room on Christmas morning.

As you can see by the shadows it was a sunny day but very cold, too cold to go to walk the beach in Maine as we had planned.  Besides between VT and Maine over 100,000 were having Christmas with no power. Most people up here in the northeast are smart about having two sources of fuel to heat their places with.  We have propane that almost ran out before he showed up Christmas Eve at almost 6 PM and back up is nut coal, I love coal heat. We use propane for cooking too and now we have an electric water heater I have never had one of them before but with gas stove I can light the burner with a match and boil water in a pinch.

I needed to rest my shoulder after I threw her toy over and over so I asked her if she wanted to go see if we could find some beaver.  She led the way!

So down to the rivers edge we went all the while making sure we did not slide in!

See the tracks?  He pulled a section of the dam to save our land  we knew they would come but we are never quick enough to catch him in the act!

Maybe if we follow these tracks we can catch him being a busy beaver seems by the vegetation here where the tracks lead to that he has chewed off most of my beautiful Forsythias.  They are tough and will grow back but I did not want them PRUNED!

Want to see how he gets here when he forgets his ice skates at his Beaver Hut?

Swim out from under the ice climb across the land down to grab more of my beautiful bushes then back to his damn DAM!

I know your laughing right lol I am telling you I feel like Elmer Fudd and the rascally rabbit 🙂
They slip in from the water at my lower yards edge too

And head right for my seriously “WEEPING WILLOW TREE ”  where JT is on it’s scent! she is such a good girl but she is a herder not a hunting dog.

We hope you had a Wonderful Christmas.
We had our Christmas Ham with Baked Potato, Acorn Squash and Carrots to end the wonderful day spent together at home. No babies, no presents from a store but a warm home and hot meal what more could we ask for.  We have all we will ever need except for Peace On Earth so tonight after dessert, a simple brownie, when we close our eyes that is what we will hope the world can get as it’s gift from all of us.

With Love from me too you and a wish that you and your families travel safely so we can all await the New Year TOGETHER

23 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS FLEW BY

  1. Your wish for peace on earth is one shared by many of us. Why is it that’s so hard? Many of our Maine friends are without power but managed to find places to stay warm. I have no idea whether our house is with or without and I’m hoping it doesn’t matter.

    1. Thanks and sorry for your friend Christmas without lights so many without so much just like the settlers so long ago. Back to basic needs. We had our ice 8 years ago Christmas and we headed out through the storms for the desert of AZ with our tent and we hit snow in TX, NM and AZ it was a crazy year and poor OK was nailed bad. Ron has yet to see much above I 10 😦 Are your pipes drained up in Maine any one near bye to check for downed trees and such.

  2. Spent some time photographing beavers up in the Yukon Territory this summer. It is amazing how busy they are and how much wood they can chomp through! I do find them amusing, however. Sounds like all and all, you had a nice Christmas. –Curt

    1. Hi yes a great day! I love watching them work as well out on the 80 acre pond they made a few miles behind me with the constant dumping of the lake on my land they are just trying to take advantage of a good thing which would be OK if the water was not filing up my basement 😦 Makes for pretty pictures when all is behaving 🙂

    1. Never a good time to go sit in a hospital but on that day even more so. Warm temps. coming our way then more snow, rain and ice hope it either snows or rains I will pass on the ice my trees are just now recovering.

    1. It was 🙂
      It is pouring out right now while just 45 min north it is snowing to beat the band and we may get that if temps. drop 😦 So many up north with no power since before Christmas now we will be 0 degrees in 2 days we are OK here I get lots of sleep when we have our power go off 🙂

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