Back Up Onto The Roof

I hope this is not how my whole winter will go.  Snow removal seems to run days together.  Tonight we are getting rain maybe lots and lots of rain and then some will have major icy event.  Trees will be lost as well as homes and cars they fall onto.  Our state has called in help from the states south of us as they prepare for the worst one of which could be no power come Christmas morning.  So many states face this year after year and we do every 5 to 8 years  and it is so sad to see very few real old trees in the landscapes.

OK time for some photos so you can see where I spend time each day. 

Upon climbing up and across the roof I am met with this.  Heat Loss?  I would say by the looks of this, the job paid for to insulate the whole house, may not have been done as well as it could have been. The propane I heat with is selling for over $4.00 a gal. last I want it to do is exit the home .

Wow I am getting quicker at this or there was less snow this time.  I did the whole roof in 2 hours first time and this time 1 1/2 hours.


See the flat roof and the small pitch roof any snow on them and warm weather or rain like tonight would act like a sponge and cause the roof to collapse.  The insurance company would not pay to repair if I di not do my part.  I wish I had won some of that jackpot to raise the roof and cover it with metal.  OH well I will keep the shovel close by .

This is the way down!

Since I blog I take the camera up with me in a bag all wrapped up soon I will need a structure up there to shoot from all year long.  I love the views from there just wish I was not on ice.

A Eagle flew over me but I had a shovel and not the camera in my hand so I missed that one but here are some of the views from the roof as I cleared it off.




See 10:00 AM not a drop of water on my land by 2:00 PM they had opened the dam AGAIN and washed away more of my land.
Never ending battle I think.  Maybe I will sell this place in a few years and buy a one bedroom condo by the ocean where it is warm.

Are you all done shopping and making your desserts for Christmas?  We will see my Mom on Monday and then on Christmas walk in the woods out back or a pretty winter beach.


16 thoughts on “Back Up Onto The Roof

  1. Hi Eunice! That roof looks scary, especially where the ladder is! If I won in the lottery (if I ever play the lottery) I’d buy you a new roof just for MY peace of mind! LOL! Take care! I’m making my Christmas dessert today and doing the last baking tomorrow evening. Just the hairdresser’s and a hunt for some fresh parsley and I’m done. No signs of snow here… I think I’ll be lucky if we get enough to build a snowman this year. 😉

    1. Hi

      That is so kind of you to say 🙂 I hate wasting money on it but but when it is close to a BILLION I had to spend the $1 2 people one that jackpot and one lady came right out and said she won still waiting to hear who it was in CA 🙂

      YUM desserts are the best part of a celebration! I will gather up some yummy things and take them with us to see Mom and graze all day 🙂

      We had heavy downpours here all night and so much snow is GONE and the roof is gorgeous once again 🙂
      The poor folks an hour north of me are dealing with bad ice damage praying they all have power by Christmas so they can be warm watching their children open presents 🙂
      Hope you get enough to make things pretty even if it is a mini Snowman

  2. I often joke with you about this, but really it’s not funny at all, Eunice! It’s such a hard way of life 😦 Sell up, girl, and get that nice warm condo! Would it be hard to find a buyer?
    I know that you will have a wonderful Christmas and will do your very best to make it the same for others. Wishing you heaps of Christmas joy (not snow!), Eunice, and I hope 2014 is kind to you. 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂 It will be hard to sell until I get them to stop dumping water onto the land one that battle has been won only then can I hope to find someone who is not worried about water in the basement 🙂

      It is hard but you know what I am so strong now what ever is thrown my way it is dealt with 🙂

      Merry Christmas Jo I will have a wonderful time waking and having coffee and reading blogs then when the rest of them 🙂 the pets and him stir breakfast will be grand. He bought a beautiful ham and I will roast some yummy root veggies and poor a glass of eggnog and wish the world Peace and Love for the new year to come. Seeing Mom on Monday to celebrate with her. Life really is good as you can see by usually PRETTY PICTURES 🙂 XO

      I wish you all the joy and happiness for Christmas and the new year to come. I adore your spot here on wp


  3. Hi Eunice , Thank goodness that awful snow has melted and hope it stays away. Good that you are going to see your mum ,will that be for Xmas ? if so have a lovely time. I will be making trifle and mince pies on Xmas eve to take to friends on Xmas day. Eight of us who get together for a social evening during every week throughout the year, spend Xmas day together at one friends house, and each of us chip in with the food. The main Xmas dinner being cooked for us all by our hosts and then we all take something towards this and as I said, my contribution is the trifle and mince pies. There is a present on the table from each of us, Xmas carols and all the trimmings. Happy holidays to you and yours Eunice and the very best for the coming year 20l4.
    Love peace and happiness.

    1. My kind of perfect holiday celebration! I have to see Mom on Monday as Tuesday they will come and take her to my brothers. Next year I will feed the homeless with any group needing help it is all about giving and filling someone with JOY.

      Take photos so I can see the FUN you have had! XO

    2. I have a new blog you can sell you beading on I am just doing a post on glass buttons I have ready to sell and will take orders for them come spring.

    1. Thanks I pay attention only scary part is getting down with use of one arm and being tired from shoveling 🙂 Thanks for wishing my dream to come true 🙂 I have no fairy Godmothers so when it snows back up I shall go 🙂

  4. Eunice – you are amazing but I don’t want to hear about you slipping off that roof and winding up in the hospital. Get the condo or an RV and head to sunnier climes. No snow predicted here so far this season. We are expecting a friend and her daughter on Xmas Day to spend a few days with us. Her husband passed away in April. I doubt that being here will help much but at least she will be away from her empty house. She hasn’t even put up decorations.

    1. You are a dear friend and they will find joy in being there with you. I go safely trust me NO MORE PAIN 🙂

    1. I need some new plates inside the coal stove hope to Order them 1st week of Jan. then we will have a ton of coal delivered and never worry about being cold again 🙂

      2 of the Chimneys are now blocked off just for show 🙂

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