What’s So Pretty About Winter

Ok so we made sure that we gassed up the truck, and snow thrower. I went out in the snow last night and out of 5 members in the garden club just 3 of us enjoyed something sinful.   It was so nice to travel a road alone in the quiet and then snow fell lightly.  I had my first Chi Latte LOVED IT and a piece of chocolate decadence cake. The chief said “I thought you were going to go sinful that is even gluten-free!” lol I just hope the plate was heavy she place it on or I will have to go shovel another 2 hours before weigh-in Tuesday!

OK I am hurting real bad from head to toes so let me add your EYE CANDY so I can go watch TOM BRADY,  man is he handsome and a nice guy, my EYE CANDY.


Have to make my way out to add water for the birds it’s been so cold the river froze over.


6 AM this yellow beast was in my hand making pathways for JT to use as well as places to spread cracked corn and black sunflower seeds for all the ground feeders.

Now as you can see we did not get buried but 12 inches more than I want ALL WINTER!


Now the pretty abstract of ice and tree reflections upon the river are gone and replaced with snow.  When the sun comes out I will try to find a pretty spot for you till then watching boyfriend behind the machine and Tom on TV LIFE IS GOOD!

13 thoughts on “What’s So Pretty About Winter

    1. 🙂 So true! Sorry he did not pull this one off and when he was interviewed by our local Boston station they could not BLEEP him in time so he was naughty too 🙂

  1. Its all very pretty isn’t it Eunice until the dam stuff starts melting. I love your photo’s. Lets hope you don’t get to much snow eh. Don’t you have snow ploughs that come and clear it away for you.? Those birds are lucky you are there to look after them. Great job Eunice.

    1. We have town plow do the main roads but living in the woods ours is for us to do 🙂 Now until 2 winters ago I had a Dodge pick up truck we used to plow and go everywhere in but I paid a man $700 US to replace a seal and he sent it back to me loosing all it’s transmission fluid so it has sat and sat out there and then I sold my van to get money to repair it but other things needed tending to so it is still there. I have cleaned all of my belongings from it and once he has removed his tool box from the back I will have a tow truck come for it repairs too expensive for a 1996 so I will take the scrap money put it in an account to save for a scooter 🙂 my needs are simple of late 🙂

    1. 🙂 more snow tomorrow 2 to 4 inches then we will get pounded till April maybe even into May 🙂 I have seen flurries in June! I just have to quit complaining and be grateful for the 3 months of SUMMER 🙂

  2. Pretty pictures E though cold and snow and I don not mix well. Sorry to hear you are aching all over and I hope Tom relieved some of it for you 🙂 Those birds and animals are so lucky to have you – job well done – now keep warm woman! 😉 x

    1. I am OK rested most of the day up onto the roof like Santa I will be in AM as pm we will get another 5″ to add insult to injury as they say 🙂 I will take camera up there and get some photos 🙂

      1. Nope it is not that tall 🙂 maybe 10′ tall I am used to walking on top of tractor trailers it is the getting down after shoveling that gets scary

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