Resting Up

Tonight I am resting up for what they say will be a doozy. Some say 5 inches and others say 12 inches of white fluffy snow will blanket our yard by morning now if you know me I will hope for the 5 inches.

Tonight I went and met up with two of the other members of our garden club for a decadent treat at a new place in town.  It was worth every penny!  It was funny to leave the house without my boyfriend and my little girl JT but to put my hair up and put a clean outfit on and take off into the snowy night felt like the old days.

I made more jewelry today as I got up each hour to throw out more seed for the Doves, Juncos, Cardinals, sparrows, nuthatches etc. as the little finches hogged the feeders all day hardly letting a seed get by them and dropping to the ground.  As I worked on my pieces and watched them frantically eat and eat I knew we going to get nailed by this storm.  squirrels’ had been here till 3 PM then they went to their nests.  Wonder where all my beautiful birds will spend the night I surly hope in the dense forest behind the house.  It was a balmy 16 degrees at 5 PM tonight and only getting colder from that point on.  When I woke this morning it was 0 degrees.  Sadly winter is upon us yes it will be pretty to look at and I promise you will see some photos as you know me. They will not be perfect but they will tell the REAL STORY.

My shoulder is feeling OK as I had yet another shot on Wednesday.  I have an appointment with surgeon to have bicep repaired when I call uncle or spring is on our doorstep you see winter is here and my home and yard require more than just one set of hands and legs to keep it clear and safe. I think I taught my doctor something I hope he remembers for many years to come that not everyone has the money to pay others to do all that needs to be done. I left in tears with him saying he would worry about me on the roof but that he now understood more about the kind of woman I was. I do not shirk responsibilities hurt or healthy.

Back to fun stuff want to see?


I also took out a tree skirt I made as a teenager yes it is ancient and some ornaments I did back then.  Perfect night for it belly full of yummy cake snow falling an inch per hour or maybe a little more and the dog at my feet as I write this post.  When I come in from shoveling tomorrow morning I will upload some photos for you to see.




Yes I was into sequins back in the 70’s

Have a wonderful night.


12 thoughts on “Resting Up

  1. When you read this the snow may already have arrived, but you know, we so often get bad forecasts and then it passes us by! Hope you’re lucky. Take care!

    1. 🙂 Awe we have weather reporters that have looked silly before 🙂 this time dead on the money! we have easily 12″ 🙂

  2. You are one tough cookie E – I give you that! Hope you don’t have to shovel too much – rest that shoulder..yeah I know famous last words 🙂 (hugs) x

    1. Hi

      Woken up at 5 AM by JT barking she never barks 🙂
      I put the coffee on and bundled up and went outside to battle what fell 12 inches so far just shoveled a spot for me to let JT do her thing and under the feeders for my flock of cold and hungry ones to come to come first light. It will look like a bird sanctuary soon 🙂

      1. Will do! 🙂 Watch I will make it all pretty and that damn bear will plop his but under my feeder 🙂

  3. Oh Sequins are so fun ! Now you’re inspiring me. I’m so sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble with your shoulder. That is really tough. Hopefully you’re not a side sleeper. You are one determined girl to keep trucking – snow and all. But as you know, time to baby that shoulder! Good luck today with the weather.

    1. Thanks! I shoveled for 2 hours then ran snow blower for 2 hours and he did the same thing 😦 and it is only 1:44 PM and the Pats are on time to take rest. Yes a side sleeper too many years sleeping in the rigs front seat on a board 🙂 hard to break routines wait till you see the photos I add 🙂

  4. Beautiful post and beautiful bead work Eunice. You forecast the snow and prepared yourself for it. Well done. If we could all get together we would come and shovel it all away for you. Have you any neighbors nearby to help ? Take care anyway.

    1. Now we live in the woods they do plow the dirt road from the main road but then most blocks our way out when they do 🙂 Can’t win 🙂 Thanks for the offer. XO

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