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I have been really busy and then again doing nothing at all.  You all have such busy and active lives that I love reading about.  Yes I have stories from my old life and an occasional fun outing but as this time rolls around I remind myself I am here and to embrace this beautiful life I am given.  Don’t the holidays remind us to do that THINK!  So man loved ones gone and I miss them as you do so this year I am trying to get as healthy as can be I know I know what I think it is my third year in this journey but I am getting there slow and steady they say.

So I have been selling my photography and am thrilled others like it enough to want to own it or gift it.  Why don’t I do that?  I never give my pieces to loved ones and friends because I do not want them to feel obligated in hanging it if it is not to their taste. So why am I making gifts? I am whipping up trinkets because I am poor and I know how too now to make them into show stoppers they can not wait to place on their wrist or hang from an ear lobe or even their neck!  I really am bad at figuring peoples tastes out.  I could spend 8 hours on a woven piece full of tiny seed beads and they will walk into a store and buy a cheap string of beads on an elastic and be happy.  I had just about given up on trying to create beautiful pieces when I saw this package of beads and one thing lead to another and before you know it I had a group that just needs the finishing touches placed on then they become JEWELRY not sure they will be loved and enjoyed but all I care about right now is my passion has surfaced and I am running with it! 

Let me show you now remember they are not done they are works of ART in process. lol




 Now I will have to decide on findings to finish them with Silver, Gold Copper or even Gunmetal choices and more choices I will take the pieces into a local shop and see what they have or I will take the cash I made selling photography and buy online bags of 10 to 100 pieces but I am more of a one of a kind girl so the hard part no the fun part is done and they can sit till I know what I want to do.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for sticking with me.  I can bead and shoot pretty scenes all winter but I can blog about them too!


PEACE and LOVE to you all.

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    1. Thanks so very much nice to have passion again 🙂 Pain sucks and many sleepless nights a drain doctor tomorrow hope he can fix it 🙂

  1. It looks like you are selling quite a few things. I did not mention it in your last post, I too do fused and wrapped glass. I make stained glass and that is how I started making the jewelry. I do it for fun, not to sell. I do sell my photos, but I stopped my Zenfolio online site because it was too costly. Now I sell by request. I looked at your zazzle account. Do you pay to have that account? I will probably go with SmugMug since I stay with the pro group on photographers.

    1. No my sites are free and since I am not a it is where I belong though I did pay $30 for a year to try out FAA and so far I have sold something each month so it paid for it’s self on first sale 🙂

      Yes I adore glass but do it out in my barn studio and there is no heat till spring warm up 🙂

      1. Yes each time I am delighted someone has thought the photo pretty as well. I will be doing lots more landscapes and much less macro for sale I will be doing a line of cards with my flower shots with a friend who will write the words should be fun.

      2. I have never gone to school or opened the books that came with the cameras so yes I am grateful for the GOOD EYE 🙂

    1. No I thought about doing that then lost the love for play so now I will make a lot of different colored ones and sell at a yard sale 🙂 Craft fairs I really dislike I would rather have someone buy the beads, clasp and give me measurements for themselves or for their gift giving and give me a little for my time 🙂 perfect match 🙂 and thanks so much for your support HUGS

      1. I keep thinking I need to sell my fabric flowers. You have a website that you sell through…is it just one you set up for yourself?

        ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

      2. I do not sell jewelry on line not yet anyway lol photos yes. So I can buy more beads and propane 🙂 OH dog and cat food. Look for local crafting facebook pages I have on in NH I may post a few on to see what they think. Ebay and Esty are both good places to sell Craig’s List for local buyers(no shipping meet at a coffee shop and GET CASH) If you sell on line get a paypal account first! It is how everyone on line pays for things 🙂

  2. Love the beads Eunice especially the copper ones. I wear beads every day as you will notice on my profile photo. But they have to fit snugly around my neck, which is why I buy a row of long beads so that I can put them round twice. I think you know what I mean. I try to match earrings with them most times. What will you be doing for Xmas apart from eating and drinking of course. Hope you have a great one anyway.

    1. Not sure what we will do as it will be just him and I and the dog and cat. Mom spends it with my brother and he prefers to not see me. Never want to be so angry at the world and life that I shut down 😦 We will hike while food cooks or find something to do 🙂

      I love chokers more than loose beads as well and these bracelets will be on the fit size and not loose.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting 🙂

  3. Dear Eunice,
    I’m one of those who just strings beads in a line, but I never learned to do such fancy beadwork. They are beautiful! I am so glad you are enjoying the holiday season.
    Warm wishes,

    1. Thanks ands sting I have done once and I was too bored lol too much time on my hands 🙂

      Happy Holidays to you and yours Naomi

  4. My favorite gifts are the things people have made me. They’re few and far between. I have seen other examples of your jewelry/accessory work, and you are a true artist!
    I can say this i with a lot of respect as I also make accessories, it comes with the territory of my job.
    However, to find some beads, pieces whatever and just be inspired then go at it is a wonderful feeling.
    I have found a fab vintage necklace that I am taking apart to make into 7 gifts. Have fun, Eunice, and I no doubt will have a lovely thought of you while I am making my pieces! _Resa xo

    1. Thanks honey. I can’t wait to see what YOU MAKE I have a bunch I am doing that to as well I love yard sales and picking up pieces cheap and making them into something New and Grand 🙂 Don’t forget to SHARE 🙂

      1. Okay, I’m finally doing my necklaces! There’s a pretty good chance I’ll do a post about it on my “Art Gowns” blog. Now, they are going to be fun….and worthy of being on my blog because…. I have taken a “Jean Paul Gaultier” necklace apart.
        In the end it is a glamorous bead strung on silk rat’s tail!

        I’d like to link to this post/blog if anyone would like to see what can be done with beads.

        I thought maybe you sold your pieces on line, and I could link to that.
        Are there any other links I can include that could help you sell your pics or help to sell your accessories?


        Hugs to you and let me know! 🙂

      2. hmmm I can use all the help I can get 🙂 I am not sure how to set up one for the pieces I make 😦 Would I do a post to Blog that I would now take orders etc.? Let me know what you think I am all in for sharing and getting more attention I do have a Facebook page for art and jewelry I am doing if you make a page we can link that way too

      3. Okay! 🙂
        I think you doing a post on your main blog nutsfor treasure is a perfect idea!
        Round up lots of your best accessory pics (eye candy as you say) and make it pictoral w/ the announcement.

        Do you sell your jewelry on Facebook?
        If so link to that, simple for now!

        You are selling your photos… Maybe add your jewelry to where you sell your pics?

        It’s super easy to get a Paypal account. Maybe you already have one?

        On WordPress, because they are your creations, you can sell on WordPress. I’ll double check that for you.

        Anyway, you do an accessories for sale post and I will do my post after yours is up, and put a link to that post as well as any other links.

        You have lots of blogs so I know you would be able to set up a nice store on your current blog or on say Etsy.
        If you had a store on Etsy, you could blog about that … about new pieces once a week or every other week..

        Even if you don’t get that done right away, it is good PR to show and blog about your work.

        🙂 🙂 Hugs. Eager to hear your thoughts!

      4. Okay, I double checked.

        here is the link on instructions to add a Paypal link to your sidebar.

        Eunice, all you need is a Paypal Account and you are good to sell on your blog!

        The only thing WordPress wants is that they are your creations…. that you are not selling someone else’s product.
        That is why it is good to do blog posts like the one you did showing you doing the bead work and all the pics you post about “Your Jewelry” 🙂

      5. Very cool!
        I’m finishing my project tomorrow. Then I need to do more pics, then actually write the post.
        I think I will be ready to post on late Thursday or on Friday….. Saturday if I have interruptions!
        Keep me informed so I can post at a good time!

      6. OK snow coming tomorrow so I will rest wed. and try to get one put together Wed-Fri as well. 🙂

  5. I love your beadwork Eunice – especially the copper one! You are so talented. I hope your Xmas is pleasant and relaxing. Bill and I may be alone this year. On the other hand my recently widowed friend and her daughter may come on Christmas Day. Either way, the holiday will be fairly quiet with few pressures. Time to reflect on life. Merry Christmas to you and wishing you the best New Year. Dor

    1. Bless you and our wishes to you and you home for a blessed Christmas. Ron bought a ham tonight while I was at garden club meeting that is so not him he leaves that all up to me but with surgeon appointment for me tomorrow I have had a lot on my mind which is why I was beading 🙂 stress release. It is easy to be or do any craft take a lesson at local shop then get a easy to bead book and build skills very easy. I also am drawn to those copper beads. 🙂 great taste we have. I will make each garden club member a small token gift for tree or window to give them Sat. night when we go to this great shop in town called Popovers. A hot drink and sinful dessert weight in is 2 1/2 days after I should be fine. 🙂

      I will do a post on them if I get them done not sure what doctor will put me through tomorrow

    1. Awe thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know they look alright still not used to the creative side of me 😦 I do miss trucking and all that freedom 🙂 I love all colors which is why I garden but to put something pleasing to another seems to be my internal struggle 🙂

  6. Hi Eunice!
    Resa again! I did more WP searching about selling stuff on our WP sites. We don’t want to break any of their terms or policies. Linking to ETSY or Amazon seems fine….more reading to do as there are conditions here as well.
    It keeps coming up that if it’s your product, not someone else’s it is okay.
    Still the best idea is to contact Support and tell them your intention. You will get an email from Support with a yay or nay.
    Here are 2 forums that are on this topic:

  7. Hi Eunice!
    My little accessories DIY is ready to post. I came by to see if you had a “selling your jewelry post” to link to. I will post in about a half hour or so. No big deal, just thought I’d check. I can add the link later, or on my next DIY post. I hope all is great. Resa (hugs)

    1. I just posted a shot of a piece all over the web and just sitting down to do one here 🙂

      1. OK I just posted it but I am also making a blog for those of us wanting to share our crafts 🙂

      2. I am going to add my link to FAA site where I sell photography

      3. Okay I added the link to your post into my post. I just have to wait about 10 minutes for my niece to get home. It’s a thing we have, She always wants to be my first “like”. Pretty adorable, I think! 🙂

    1. Thanks I will make a few up for sale but am hoping for some orders where they pick the colors 🙂

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