We went for a ride up into Maine yesterday.

The day started rainy and socked in with think fog here in New England yesterday,  while so many suffered in horrible cold and snowy conditions.  We will take what we can left of this year, before we too must huddle together and keep ourselves warm.

A few years ago I took a class with Mom on fusing glass with a wonderful teacher who has since passed away.  She had told us about a woman in Maine who taught wire wrapping,  so we could make our pieces we did,  look even nicer and go from glass into jewelry pieces. Well that winter we went out to Arizona  to hunt for Gold and I met a woman there who took the time to show me a simple wrap that as I got more proficient I could add my own flair to.  Well yesterday the woman in Maine, who I follow through Facebook, had an Open House for her jewelry pieces.  So that was my plan for the day,  a nice quiet ride up into Maine to meet her in person and see if I could find something pretty for a gift as well as to support another starving artist.

The ride was quiet but boyfriend and pup decided to join me as I always find the neatest things when I take the time to venture out from the house.  With winter on our heels I knew days upon days of me being inside would soon arrive. So I packed the dog’s fresh water, my camera bag and off we went.

I made it to her place with no trouble and told them I would be awhile and  for them to go find some fun without me.

So nice to meet Mig.  Her pieces are beautiful.  Such pretty stones and Sea Glass all wrapped in Silver.  We talked and talked and then it was time for me to find the sea.  It was just two miles east maybe less.  The two had gone in search of a place to play but saw the no parking signs everywhere and decided to wait for me.  Well right away I found a beach access road and plenty on empty parking spots, lol it is winter so all rules and regulations go by the way side here.  Dogs could run free!  JT was so excited I have to tell you.  We go walking at the beach but of late we stroll beside the sea on pathways and not on the sandy beaches, see if I take her to the waters edge she wants to do one thing and one thing only CATCH A FRISBEE.  I have a bad shoulder so with loosing weight we take the harder surfaces and walk and walk,  all the while me kicking her stick.  She is OK with anything I am able to do,  she is such a good girl.  She will be eight on Mother’s Day and I want her as healthy as can be so I can have her beside me for as long as I can.  Just check this happy photo out


See what I mean. Happy dog!

Now look what happens when she has to wait for me to stop taking pretty photos of the beach and sea.


You would think I had put her in the down command but actually she really has the need for just one COME.  She is too smart to do anything DUMB.  Yes I am blessed and very proud of my pup.  She is such a good girl.  A elderly couple was out for a walk on the beach and asked if they could give here a dog bone.  I never allow it but they were nice and JT sat pretty and stole their hearts in an instant,  she even took the cookie and ATE IT, she never does.  She must have worked up an appetite from all that running on the beach.  She was one happy dog, I swear I caught a smile or two yesterday.  She does love the beach but hurts too bad in her joints if we play for hours so the half hour worked out perfect.

We took the long way home, back roads all the way back to NH.  I have really seen that section of highway enough in a rig.

As we made our way along the coastline the towns had decked the streets with holiday lights and wreaths, it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas, well all except for the snow that was gladly missing. 

I had timed the day near perfect.  Soon it would be dark enough to see some lights and I headed for the most famous Maine Lighthouse to see them.  It was just a tad too light so I let JT out where she made new friends while I waited with not one but two cameras to catch some action beside the Atlantic.  I took too many photos, wait could that happen ?  Let me show you a couple to end this post.  I even added some to my online gallery for Holiday Cards!  Who doesn’t love the sea and these gorgeous lighthouses that keep the sailors safe.



33 thoughts on “We went for a ride up into Maine yesterday.

  1. Sounds like one heck of a great day, Eunice! Of course I especially love the pics of your beautiful pup! What a pal! Keep having great days! _Resa xo

      1. I know you do! I have cats. I know it’s not the same as a dog, (they absolutely will not play Frisbee!) but I sure hate being away from them. 🙂 You stay warm, too! 🙂

  2. Love those lights on the lighthouse – the red building in front looks so festive – bet Santa stops off there on his travels! 😉 Good you could get out with JT before the weather turns bad. 😀

    1. Thanks yes been here before in the dead of night but a throw away camera would work great then 🙂 I am glad you could see the holiday in this place. 🙂

      I get out when I can but we always seem to make a day of it since it is few and far in between 🙂

    1. Thanks glad you enjoyed the trip with us. She is a good girl and thankfully she doesn’t mind hanging out with to old cripples 🙂

  3. I love Nubble Light, looks like your pup had a very fun time on the beach. My dog loves to play Frisbee but he has never been to the beach or Maine for that matter. I would love to bring him on one of my prospecting adventures but there is usually no room for him in the car. He guards the house when I am away.

    1. Guarding is good work! 🙂 Frisbee and beach go together maybe some winter day take yours when it is too cold to sit in a stream 🙂

    1. Thank so much I do not often go out and when I do there is always a moment to look through the lens and reflect. I am grateful for all I have and for that pretty little girl 🙂

  4. Happy dog – happy girl– you’re good, no, one of the best, at creating smiles.
    Happy Holidays to NFT & all her lucky friends, human & canine…

  5. I’m very familiar with this area, used to live right on Scarborough beach when we first moved to Maine, after a bit we moved up the coast. What great memories, loved seeing your photographs.

    1. Awe thanks so much! Do you know Mignonne Lemire, a jewelry designer Love all of my bordering states but Maine is my go to place the coast is so different from our 18 mile long one 🙂

    1. lol she is that very well behaved and just a joy to share my life with I hate that we are both getting up in years so each day she brings me a toy or a stick I stop all I am doing and PLAY she is a dog and just is so happy to do just that. Thanks for comments on shots I took there. I offered them in a Merry Christmas version as well as Happy Holidays.

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