Wellness Wednesday: 4 Ways Posture Affects Appearance and Functionality

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Good posture – holding the head, shoulders and trunk in perfect alignment – creates balance, which allows our many physiological systems to function optimally. When we habitually sit, stand or walk in a less than a fully aligned position, muscles stretch or contract to accommodate. This can result in chronic imbalances that can lead to pain. Studies dating back to the 19th century also suggest our posture affects mood, energy and self-confidence, all of which affect how attractive we appear to others.

Here’s four tips for maintaining good posture and keeping it all the way cute:

• It’s not just sitting for hours on end that’s bad for you; it’s how you sit. The dangers of sitting have garnered plenty of attention in recent years, especially since we have become a society of sitters. Sitting for long periods comes with many health risks, including obesity and cardiovascular disease. But…

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5 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: 4 Ways Posture Affects Appearance and Functionality

  1. Me, too! I have to work on mine! Lol… I’m walking down the street, and I get a text. It’s from my husband and it says “Posture!” Take Care xo

  2. Thanks for sharing. I sit on my butt all day and most of the evening and end up with severe back pain. I’ve been stretching, but this extra step might help too…

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