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Wanted to pop in and say Hello, to all those who still follow me.  I am trying to keep up as I slow down.

We are bracing for the winter onslaught to hit and till it does we are trying to prepare the best we can.  Order more propane so the truck won’t get stuck, while he is delivering it. Pulling beaver dams so we do not lose all I worked so hard for, THE HOUSE.  JT and Rhythm are good.  My sweetheart is still getting the old 54/55 Dodge buttoned up to help with snow removal, yesterday we ran 35 miles away to pick up a new heater fan, now to locate defroster hose, in the size needed, so we can keep windows in this old beast clear so he doesn’t destroy the yard.  I hate what the plow does to the land but I hate shoveling in pain even more, so we will do what we have to with light shovels on the roof, maybe find a used electric snow thrower for the roof,  as my Mom suggests.  We have a very old snow blower but I may scrap my Dodge truck with bad tranny to purchase a  new one, just in case we do not get enough snow for the plow now isn’t that a pleasant thought!  I am always thinking.

I do not see the surgeon till the 11th but some good news, I have started to unfreeze the frozen part of the shoulder, not a lot but I see a difference.  The horrible pain of tendon is there but if I use arm slowly it never rears its ugly head.  I hate that pain.  So depending on my options I will see if I can take one more shot to get through the worst of winter and maybe in March if it has not healed I will let him in to repair it,  as our weather will start to look up by then.  See always thinking.

I want to hit the gym every other day.  With only one car, his truck it is hard.  I only have to travel 3 miles each way so it is not bad maybe by spring I could ride a pedal bike that would be awesome.

I have also had a brilliant idea for a business and will apply to the Small Business Association for a loan.  I could get out of this way of life if all goes well so please cross your fingers for me maybe your toes too. Thanks!

Holidays are not the same in this life I live now so just a few pretty things placed around the home to remind me it even on its way.

No children, no close family fun times, I will just be celebrating the birth of Christ this year and buying a small gift for a local child who will need a gift to open on Christmas Day.  I look at what I used to be able to do for so many and now the new reality is charity begins at home.  Save all year for heat and food and an occasional trip to the sea or woods to keep my sanity and not miss my old life so badly which it why I need you to keep the fingers and toes crossed because if all the good thoughts go out maybe just maybe I will have a new path doing good for others in need and getting paid and it is something I can do with my injuries.

Let me leave you with a pretty photo or two to lighten the heaviness of this post I am happy just a realist and life is what it is and there are really millions so much worse off.  Which is why I always show you PRETTY THINGS there is enough ugly out there isn’t there.




Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Hi Eunice I am so pleased your shoulder is making progress and hope you will soon be able to move more easily. I think everyone dreads the winter months with snow and so forth. Good that you are preparing for this. Great post and wonderful cheerful pictures. Take care.

  2. Hello Eunice. It’s lovely to hear what you’re doing. I must say your winters sound very tough. Here we’ve just had 3 days of 7-inch-deep snow but it was soon gone. I love snow but I’m not sure I could cope with what you have to put up with. I have a scoliosis so, like you, would have difficulty shovelling 🙂

    1. I feel for you and yes New England is TOUGH but so aren’t her occupants 🙂 I just like to whine like a broken record 🙂 no it is a broken body trying it’s best to HEAL 🙂

      So nice to hear from you I clicked on your blog recently and was sad to see no new ones there it is why I re-blog lol so I don’t loose touch well I try not to can’t wait to write my blog on a reg. routine again that is the best part about winter wait the only good part 🙂

      1. Hi Eunice

        Did you find the Daily Reflection blog on the website of our publishing company? It followed on from Living in Italy and I hoped to keep those posts going as a way of making my interests serve our business, however my time now is taken up with editing, ghost-writing etc and I’m trying to develop contacts for our company which has to take priority.

        I’m still following you, Eunice – every post – and love hearing about your health, the snow, your birds, your jewellery …

        My very best wishes! Damaris

      2. Thanks so much for keeping up sorry you are so busy you can play less now but money is more important 🙂 I will try to see if I can locate it

  3. My fingers and toes are crossed for your new business idea Eunice – and for your shoulder to heal – and for the winter to be mild. You are an inspiration.

    1. Thanks I want to start a Taxi service just from 6 AM till 6 PM daily must see if I can get a micro loan through SBA as a woman owned business and lease a car I have the license already so fingers crossed we have a real bad need here in our very rural town now that we have doctors and businesses who have moved in 🙂

  4. I’m glad you are seeing some progress with the shoulder – keep active and it will heal eventually. I know a few people who’ve had frozen shoulders and it can take a while, but does get better! Just hope you don’t have to shovel snow too soon. We have been forecast some for tonight… we’ll see! Take care Eunice! xx

    1. Thanks Cathy I was shocked I could move it 2 inches further! Wow I am happy tonight the horrible pain surfaced 2 x’s but has been good for 4 days with small movements in wrong way 🙂 I am learning 🙂

  5. Eunice.. you are so brave! I can’t stand thinking of the pain you are in. You have a great spirit and I am counting on that to get you pleasantly through he holiday season.
    Love. hugs and kisses- Resa

    1. Thank Honey for all those good thoughts. Pain sucks but others deal with worse they say what doesn’t kill you makes you STRONGER 🙂 Love and Hugs and kisses right back stay warm up there.

    1. LOL so you know my pain I sit up on mine and push it is the slippery ladder up and down 🙂

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