Selling flowers and candles some jewelry too!

So Sat. we had a Holiday Craft Fair for a good cause CHILDREN.

The Garden Club had donated items at that table and 2 club members to run it they also had the plants I went to pick up for it and the order sheet so more could be sold.  Well they sold enough of the items to cover the $20 table set up fee and made a few over and then sold some plants that will come by truck on the first of December from the grower.

I brought some of my fused glass items, beaded pieces and hoop earrings and candles.  I should have brought more candles!  I sold them for $2.00 a pair and I warn you they were pretty compared to these photos I took in bad light and rushed.



Paper, glitter and glue!


Poinsettia for sale also spent time in my kitchen.

I forgot to take a photo of my table but this is a cropped one of clubs table people on tables right behind us I did not have permission to make famous 🙂

So over all a great day and maybe just maybe a few new members!

22 thoughts on “Selling flowers and candles some jewelry too!

  1. Reminds me I need a poinsettia. Always have one on my hearth at Christmas, but it’s early yet. I haven’t even begun to think about the festive season.

    1. 🙂 We had to start in OCT to get the word out by Dec 2 all plants wlil be making their new homes gorgeous 🙂

    1. Thanks well All it was made from is glue and paper and glitter the $1 store gets $1 a long tapored candle so I figured a pair for two would send them on their way. Good to go to a Yankee Swap type gift. They were so pretty in person they really did hold their attention even over shiny wire hoops 🙂 which I was charging $3 for small ones and $5 for larger pair. Things really did not sell well that day for anyone so I was in the end thrilled with candles and Poinsettia 🙂

      1. No I did not want to do that one 🙂 for a good cause so I did 🙂 I am in a lot of pain waiting for surgery on shoulder so just chilling for awhile oh and soon to begin story telling 🙂

    1. Thanks for the link I will try to add your blog to my reader I have missed you 🙂 The fair was fun and now I am back creating as winter will soon be upon me 🙂

    2. Happy Holidays to you as well do you already know I have more than one blog as well and I have a special page on FACEBOOK 🙂 Folsom Mill Studio and one for blog Friends Of Living And Lovin

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