Night Beauties

BUTTERFLIES and poetry

Source of Inspiration

Butterfly of the night
flutter drawn to the light
I watch your dance with pure delight
with muted colors you take flight.

Moth is such a miserly name
for such a one of night-time fame.
You and your partner fly in game
dodging the drops of summer rain.

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4 thoughts on “Night Beauties

    1. When I saw it I had to share 🙂 Well did my craft fair and civic duty I went to bed at 6:30 PM 😦 I was beat and though lots seemed to think my jewelry was pretty not that many were in the mood for them selves so my biggest hit was candles I decorated 🙂 I sold for $2 a pair I should have brought 100 🙂

      1. Hi Eunice. Glad your craft fair went well but you can never tell which is going to be most popular, your candles sound pretty and of course its near Xmas

      2. Yes how true and I had made holly ones and Turkey ones so I covered both holidays in one 🙂

        I must do a post 🙂

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