Garden Club Fundraising really is hard.

There are now four of us in the club and they work full time.

So I try to do too much.  Then I get overwhelmed and it is no longer FUN.

See FUN and making a difference was all I was after.

Guess all the shoulder pain has been getting me down as well but saw the surgeon the other night he is letting me have 6 more weeks of home exercises to see if I can free up the left one.  I may take another shot and get through a winter of nasty snow shoveling then let him go in and clean out the junk it is somewhat odd though as I am a righty!

So back to the club and all I have been able to do of late.

I wrote a few press releases for local publications one came off the press this past week the next hopefully will be in Thursday’s edition.  I have an Ad running on our local cable channel I have satellite so I can not see how it looks.  One of the woman who works in our town hall office made me up flyers and offered to add some to the desk where people who stopped in would see them and hopefully support our efforts.

You see we are taking orders for gorgeous Poinsettia.  Three sizes. From ones that would be pretty decorating a staircase in your home for the holidays or huge beauties for atop a piano or in a foyer.  Then a medium size as well for hostess gifts or does everyone just expect wine these days.  I am not a drinker but pretty, live plants, now that is a different story!   We are only offering traditional RED ones.   They can go to Wal-Mart or a local garden shop for all the other varieties they will need to finish off their  home or businesses.  The plants will sell for $5.00, $10.00, 18.00.  Under $20.00 for a gift of true beauty I thought would be easy to sell.
Maybe it is just not easy for one or four to get the word out.  No matter how many times I post the photos and the prices the question is always HOW MUCH?  Did I say I am so glad it is the season to REST!  Well gardening outside will be placed on hold till spring in these parts.

We have a Facebook Page maybe you can LIKE it for me Epping Garden Club.  I need feedback and you are all so terrific at that maybe I am doing it all wrong.

I have also been making items for the Holiday Fair I signed up to do.  Funny I swore them off.  Wish me LUCK!

So with selling photos, making things and finding home for stunning plants will be keeping me busy and freeing up the frozen shoulder to avoid surgery. After seeing the doctor I stopped into Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford New Hampshire to see how the plants were coming along.  Here is the fun part sharing with you.





This last one I took is also being offered in all my stores as a Holiday Card, as it is very cheerful. Maybe I should go get my plants now and fill up the house with color as all I have now are those SPIDER PLANTS!


    1. I hope it turns out good we have 3 weeks to get orders in to assure flowers and delivery 🙂

  1. Good for you Eunice. You are contributing so much to your garden club WITHOUT straining your shoulder. Don’t get tempted to increase physical strain….. guaranteed it would not be worth it! BTW, your poinsettias are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks they grow everything beautiful over there we are blessed. Yes trying to save what is left 🙂

  2. Wish you luck with the sale. Those pictures are wonderful Eunice! 😀 Hope your shoulder gets better soon – we don’t want as much snow to shovel as last year, just a sprinkling to make everything look pretty! 😉

    1. 🙂 From our lips ………….

      Thanks for commenting on photos hope it can get the point across of their beauty 🙂

  3. You are finding much top keep yourself going full steam. I can’t believe 4 of you are trying to accomplish so much. Good luck!

  4. It sounds like you are doing too much. I bet your doctor thinks so too. I wish you luck in all your efforts. It is hard having a club with so few members. Our club is huge and even then the work falls to only a few members each time.

    1. I am told that a lot : Thanks so much it will be my last fundraiser if there is no town support 🙂 I will be able to maintain the 3 beautiful corners myself if no one can do any more than they do 🙂 I am seeing 4 just doesn’t cut it 🙂

    1. I am so tired I can not wait till it is winter and I can WRITE 🙂 and ONLY WRITE wait there maybe some photos involved of yes of ugly white snow 🙂

      1. I have the yard put to bed my poor food garden now houses all the Garden Club plants and my home is full with the rest.

        I dread heating season now with less to live on the bright spot is I have sold some prints this week 🙂 That will help I sell cheap as I know the service charges a flat fee on each size they offer.

        Ron has to tear apart our only truck and do water pump and timing belt he loves his Honda I want a REAL TRUCK lol with timing CHAIN 🙂

        So I stocked up in case he can not do it in a day though we can not run for parts as I junked my 93 van back to back trips out west was enough 🙂

        I love my antique coal stoves but who knows what the new parts to protect the metal will cost I will call in AM coal heats makes winter here bearable so warm and toasty. You got all your wood done? Now for us to get MENTALLY ready 😦

    2. I have been getting no sleep with shoulder and now horrid leg cramps when I crawl into bed 😦 man it sucks to get old 🙂

      1. 🙂 My Mom’s health has been worsening in so much pain which drains my heart as well 😦

      2. Thanks so much Linda she just turned 78 two bones in her back failed and she did not do as she was told till she could do nothing who knew I got my toughness from her lol I thought it was Dad oops maybe I got a double whammy 🙂

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