(The tastiest) Reuben



My today’s post is one of those “beige” foods I usually try to avoid! Despite the fact that I am a big fan of healthy eating and having lots of colourful veg on my plate – I still leave room to misbehave! It’s hard to watch the likes of Man Vs food and not secretly fancy tasting a meal or two from that show. So this is a post mildly inspired by those infamous New York deli’s where the sandwiches (and calories) are piled high!

This -“The Reuben” sandwich is supposed to be a big deal in New York city and seems to convert anyone who tastes it.

Here is a quote from Allegra McEvedy in Around the world in 120 recipes .

I’d never heard of a Reuben when I arrived in New York, but I’d go as far as to say that now I couldn’t live without them. They…

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