Daily Post: Release Me/Life

Looking backing over my time here on WordPress it is clearly been a journey.
I have laughed and cried. I have shared ugly pictures and ones a little better. I have grown in ways I never thought possible.  Who knew sitting down at the computer and choosing a name for my blog,  would be the start to such a change in who I would become.  At first hesitant till I learned my way around. Then meeting people from all walks of life who shared their world.  Some take pretty photos that helped inspire me to shoot better each day. Some wrote poetry and invited me to join them though I floundered sadly there but I did make attempts, pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  Others shared their lives. The day-to-day goings on. Farming, cooking, travel some I knew a little bit about others opened my eyes  through their words or photos.

So back to the point of this challenge, Release Me. and it would have to be this post
Sharing the story of my decision  so long ago.


I am glad I wrote it and even more so for living it.  I am blessed for all I had and have and just over a month after that post I was clearly on my way to heal and let go at the retreat he had suggested.

So opening up and sharing this blog with the ones who would ultimately  decide in their own minds if I was awful or kind  was very hard but on the other hand I  always knew in my heart I made the decision for him and I could handle anything,  like sharing it with you.

7 thoughts on “Daily Post: Release Me/Life

  1. I’m glad you have been able to use your blogging to unburden yourself and to help you heal. And your experience may help some other reader to open up and learn to like themselves again. All the best Eunice. Hugs! 😀

    1. Thanks for the hug sending one right back! I do have some fantastic people on that follow list and in person here at home and in the end it was all me doing the hard work so happy now and you all got to see me change a little 🙂 When I have finished and reached my goal weight I will hit NYC for a makeover then try out for Millionaire a local TV show hey if I make enough maybe I can meet you all 🙂

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