How can I pick which one

Until March I had never gone away,  well from anything besides my home and I shared it with the love of trucking.  I had two pups then that traveled coast to coast when loads took me that far away.

Then again there was one occasion when we had six of the seven from their litter and they were small but weaned, that I packed up them up into the van and left them with my brother.  There were their four children and the two of them perfect as that left a pup for each of them to dote on.  I took the parents of these pups overnight on a run to Maryland with my then husband, as we needed the load there quickly and he could not do the hours alone.

So as we jumped into the rig and headed down the road I could not get them out of my head.  They were the most rambunctious English Springer Spaniel’s, already with names.  Remington and Diamond showed no signs of missing them, as each mile south was behind us.  I was not very good company I missed them so much.  We  delivered the load and grabbed or return haul and headed north once again, me calling my brother at every truck stop, no there were only payphones back then.  He told me when I called they were having so much fun not to hurry back , can you imagine. Many of you know me by now I just put the hammer down and got back home, as quick as I could get those 18 wheels moving!

So that brings me back to March.  This year.  I knew the cat and dog would be fine here with their Dad but JT has been my constant sidekick  and if I was hurting so bad, I knew she would never understand why I was gone.

So while I missed  the man in my life, he understands why I went away  but my furry babies would be top on the list for me to be Home Sweet Home!

14 thoughts on “How can I pick which one

  1. Fur-babies – my love- my world – sadly I don’t have my girl with me any longer but I mind dogs and have pleasure in their personalities. You are a softy – but tis a good thing 🙂 xxx

    1. Thanks I think they were place as a test to see what kind of humans we are 🙂 glad I got an A in something lol

    1. I leave for 10 min. and see her joy so blessed to have had the greatest pets share my life. Thanks for stopping by my like buttons on all of your posts are still gone 😦

      1. The LIKE button is gone from my WP pages for all of you page won’t load right 😦 I will delete chrome and reload and see if it helps on the relic computer 🙂

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