A Promt I Never Finished

Arizona is a place we love but maybe next will be Alaska.

Beantown is where were both born

Clearly we knew each other when we were children

Dreaming back then of being together forever no longer feels like a dream.

Everywhere we go it is so  enjoyable.

Frankly why be with someone if you can not have fun.

Gold prospecting is a blast and when you find some, it always feels good.

Healthy diet is the very best way for us to stay  in good health.

Insecure was I

Just knowing he still loved me brought me such joy.

Knight in shinning armor without knowing he had even been knighted.

Loving and Lovin

Meatloaf is his very favorite meal.

Naughty or nice.

Once not so open.

Pretty yard filled with  posies

Quiet is now quaint

Relax and re-wind

Sending out signals

Time soon  to travel.

Unity  is unclear.

Vast spaces full of pretty vines.

Will you be along you know you will be welcome.

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