a simple dirt road lesson

For those who are thinking of getting a pet

Nancy Tanner

In 2003, every Friday for an entire summer and fall, Ocean and I would get in the car at 4am, drive about 100 miles to a friends farm, tend to and work sheep, do some farm chores, and then come home. I was so addicted and loved every minute of that journey and adventure.

herding 002

My husband never said we couldn’t have sheep of our own, but he also never made a move to help it happen either. So this was as close as we were going to come to living on a farm with sheep! So I made the best of it.

I reached a point were I wanted to learn more, so I started to ask around about herding clinicians and/or stock dog handlers that would be willing to take me on, a ‘sheepless’ border collie owner!

And then there I was, a full days drive, maybe a bit…

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