The Ocean Is Just Past Those Trees

8 thoughts on “The Ocean Is Just Past Those Trees

    1. lol you know I have seen very little of photographers work. I just am lost in my own world and would never buy another persons photography for say a wall maybe on cards but paintings are what I would be drawn to as I no longer do that well unless you count the home and barn. I guess when I shoot what I love it is just that LOVE. getting to share what I see without ever making a sale is where it is at for me 🙂 I know the man you spoke of and so many adore him and others think he just messed with his film like I processed this one but truly I do little and have no Photoshop or lightroom just tweak for my own enjoyment and to see what others enjoy has been a great lesson for a girl who never had them.

    1. I did too for this version of a winter day warmth was needed 🙂 Thanks for checking it out 🙂

    1. Thanks Rita. Our country is having real bad weather our yard is flooded but nothing like CO 😦

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