Our Rocky Coastline

I miss the beach I must go this week

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22 thoughts on “Our Rocky Coastline

  1. I’m in the only region of the peninsula of Italy that has no coastline (Umbria) and I miss the sea! The sound, the smell, the feeling of being beside something infinite and restless. Your photo has made me very nostalgic.

    1. Charlie it was an odd series of shoots I took that wild day in an attempt to capture the color and raw beauty of the day I am glad you were remembering times along the sea it is an amazing place. I take weird shots of place I love I am glad others see the beauty as well 🙂

    1. man I will have to see as off the top of my head I am not sure. I have followers to my blog that get top billing and I never have to go search for comments and some show up under approve and reply. I am far from a pro over here 🙂 I am only a pro at TRUCKING 🙂

    2. maybe you have to follow my folsommillstudio blog and not see it through the re-blog I do on Living and Lovin

    3. That was a rocky section here in NH we have a 18 mile long coast some is sandy beaches and others have these rocks to save the billionaire homes across the road yes we have many storms that crash over these and water keeps going to the salt marsh on other side of the road 🙂

    1. I bet. Will be cool nights and warm days here too bad Maple Sugar is collected in the SPRING 🙂

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