The Bumble Bees Are Everywhere!


I swear today they were so intent on getting inside as many flowers as they could sometimes sharing each bloom with one or two others no wonder the petals end up looking so beaten up.


Off to search for its own bloom.



Got in close to one without getting stung.  This is actually a tree covered with these sweet-smelling blooms.  Right now it is in a containers not sure where to plant it with winter on its way.  Maybe my bedroom hehe



Close-up of a Spider plant baby.  I have four that love summer as much as me.  After the chance of last frost I set them out side for sun and rains.  I will take them in once I hear weather is making a turn for the worse or cover with a comforter from the bed yes all who call this place home are taken care of  lol




I am telling you Bees I have Butterflies NOT SO MUCH


I love how Sunflowers such as this one form.  I love the structure of them.  No matter how tall they get they stay up and turn their pretty faces and follow the sun from when it comes up on the east side of my garden all the way till Sunset.  Nature has always amazed me lol yes I know I am STRANGE πŸ™‚  but that’s why you LOVE ME hehehe


Please forgive these photos as I am learning 2 new cameras by trial and error



How is this for a BRIGHT BEAUTY  I used the HDR setting for this one.



Each year I end up with a gift.

This is the Morning Glory that has grown within my garden and has 3 blooms that close as the day gets longer if you sleep in you would miss this beauty.  I swear it is amazing to look at this one. I can not get the beautiful light shining from within to simmer down so I can show you the inside. Sorry past my capabilities.

Here it is from a few more angles.  The gift I see each morning with JT and the cat and my second cup of coffee.


One last view



Well I have a couple of more blogs to write some photos to share on Facebook and check to see if I had any sales.


I am very tired JT has been sick and it is wearing heavy on my heart so I will let you go to enjoy your Friday night and here in the states to enjoy your long holiday weekend let us pray we will not go to war.  I am so sorry for the loss of life in the country of Syria but who would come to flatten our White House should the government here ever do that to us. NO ONE.  I am so tired of WAR I only want Peace and Joy and Laughter.  I will bow my head in prayer to stop this craziness.  Meditate too as well as turn off the News for it seems so little is good these days.


Stay safe everyone.





13 thoughts on “The Bumble Bees Are Everywhere!

  1. I never watch the news Eunice for that exact same reason, Its always BAD news. I tell John when there is some good news to hear come and tell me and I will listen. Love your photo’s so cheerful and colorful especially to see first thing in the morning which I am doing while checking my e mails. Have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks so much Rita.

      Gave a great weekend too.

      We will get lots of glorious rain so I can rest and not care for plants πŸ™‚ I love when that happens.

  2. Such a healthy garden (the bumble bees know) and you trying so hard to find joy while JT is sick. I hope JT is better soon! And I hope all will be well in the world too.

    1. Thanks Dor HUGS I am keeping Milk Bones away from her unless I smash them into 4’s she can have a kiss not Choc. MINE instead lol

      This world of hate is really starting to get crazy. 😦

    1. Thanks so much seems she is gobbling her Milk Bones and swallows them broke in 2 then goes for the water to help get them done but in the end they come up 😦 no cookies for now and we will see if that is the issue I will make her some fresh from my oven πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks messing around with new camera that are NOTHING like my go to I might have to take a few lessons πŸ™‚

  3. I think you are doing very well with the new cameras. It is difficult to photograph yellow blooms and you did a really great job with that sunflower. Bees are hard too and you nailed them. Kudos.

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