Daily Prompt: Viral/Welcome To Living and Lovin

The weather in New England has been pretty amazing this summer, some heat and lots of pretty sunshine. There were times we swore it would never stop raining but it did and gardens went in and flowers began to grow.




The insects decided it was time to stop by the garden too!


The seeds I planted for food also began to show they were loving the weather.
Yes that is a String Bean blossom and bean on its way to get big enough to eat.




As you can see I love taking photos.  I just never thought to show anyone else.  I am glad you stopped by to see what I was all about.  I am evolving and growing and finding a place here on Word Press for the ones I FOLLOW to stop in and say Hello.

I tell stories, some with photos others so colorful they need none.  They are true.  I have written a few poems over on 20 Lines A Day where they are so kind.

Here are a few more photos I will someday tie into a post.


This is my little girl Her Name is JT and She is a Border Collie


My really COOL CAT Rhythm



My Last Rig


My Old Life.  I was a female owner operator for 27 years .  I loved  TRUCKING


Thanks for stopping by my blog here on WORDPRESS, so nice to have you.







9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Viral/Welcome To Living and Lovin

  1. WOW ! That is some truck, how on earth did you handle her ? Love your border Collie Eunice and you lovely cat, they look happy together. Animals are such great company. As for your photography
    EXCELLENT..l0 out of l0

    1. I try to do the wp prompts for writing and we were to do a post introducing ourselves with the possibilities of going VIRAL 🙂 so I wanted photos of my world as that is howmy blog began so long ago a story with photos I look back now and see how I have grown.

      Love my babies the fury ones ROCK and love us just as much it will be hard someday to be without pets I know I will have a broken heart so for now lots of photos and kisses.

      Now that child of mine who is all grown up I wish I could show you what he has been up to but you are not on FB he is in the latest skiing publication though SI. 🙂 he is in so many skiing movies and print stories and made an appearance in the huge movie for gifted people his was the rough one in THE STORY and he has come so far in just a few years now knowing who he is.

      Now the rig yes on most days she was at least 80′ long and grossing out at 103,000 pounds. She had a Jake Brake that could wake the deal and scare small children 🙂 or make them smile if they were like ME.

      It came with a 62″ walk in sleeper but I already had a bed AT HOME 🙂 I sold this truck in FL to a man who wanted to make her into a Tri-axle Dump Truck she was a 87 International and it was in the year 2000 when I sold it and came home and was hit by the bus 🙂 They say everything for a reason and I would not have me you or found my son so it was fate. 🙂

  2. I never met a lady trucker before so I’m always impressed by your rigs, Eunice.
    Lots of reblogs and I seldom have time to visit them. Nice of you to do so though 🙂

    1. 🙂 I read over 100 of my followers blogs today trying to catch up 🙂 I added a lot of new photos to my other blog last night so I re-blog the ones I love 🙂

      So I shall write stories and poetry beware 🙂

  3. A truly lovely post for getting to know you even better – you beautiful JT, that great kitty, your rig, and your garden of love. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Was not sure of this promt but for a way to introduce myself it was the best I could come up with being tired from pulling damn dam 😦 I also went through and read over 100 blogs today in between gardening and playing with my little girl 🙂 while the cat looked on 🙂

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