Daily Prompt: On the Edge/BALANCE

I spent years really living on the edge but a very slippery edge, indeed.

I was a trucker who worked and worked, never getting enough rest. I was young and fearless.

After a divorce and a bad wreck( no not of my doing, lol )thankfully, life for me was so very different.

I lost my balance. I fell. I fell into deep sadness. Yes I mucked about pretending all was well but clearly everyone could see how I had changed. I lost ME.

Well things are back on an even keel.

I have a blessed life.

I see that now.

I blog with people all over the world who have had such deep sadness in their lives. I also have some followers so full of joy, it is contagious.

You see I had stopped caring. I stopped LIVING.

When I found WordPress I was in search of who I was.

I had to pick a name for my new blog and it came easy, Living and Lovin, as that is really all I searched for.

I am here to tell you that I found it and then some.

I eat right now and actually exercise in the amounts I need. Balance it is a good thing.

I wake daily and with coffee see what blogging buddies are up too.

I eat breakfast and do the housework. For years I really had stopped caring.

I now work in my garden.

Play with the dog.

Have conversations with the love of my life.

I thought I had it all till sadly it was gone. My edge may have been different from yours but clearly living on the edge is hard for anyone eventually. It will catch up to you.

It has been a long winding road but finally no longer do I stand on a slippery slope of sadness and despair. No longer a part of the rat race of life. I have taken back who I really am. I wake each day thankful for all I have. I do stop to smell the ROSES, well all the flowers. How could I have gotten so far out of whack? Are others as well and still not knowing it?

For me it is about BALANCE.

Doing what needs to be done and making time for play.

I play usually with a camera in tow so now they can all see the change. Pretty dramatic even when I look back.

My wish for all of you is to find your balance. With work, love, life and play. When you are out of whack that is truly living on the edge.


15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: On the Edge/BALANCE

  1. Balance is important to me too, being a Libran as star sign! And harmony too. Good to hear you are back on an even keel. πŸ˜€

    1. Me the FISH of the Solar Systems wheel is a peace lover, animal lover, all things Funky but I forgot along time ago was worth so much. I told Ron I am too expensive for him now πŸ™‚

      Balance you really have to work on for me it doesn’t come easy as I want to do it all but sadly I can not and learning that has been a huge lesson but I love working towards the balance of a decent and loving life we all deserve that.

      Thanks for reading my WP prompt. I never know what I will type. I never know when I lay my fingers on the keyboard what I will say be it a poem or not, words just come


      That’s the FISH again

      Thanks so much and I wish you much BALANCE

  2. This is a wonderful post Eunice, all about the you that was lost and the new you that was found. It is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Weird Dor I am not a writer or photographer I am a trucker. I am awesome at it but for some reason I needed to be stopped I get that now. I had no balance and no peace within and having just recently found the strength I thought was gone without a doubt I love my life. Too many wasted days crying and missing my rig and that world now the only thing I iss from those days is the MONEY πŸ™‚

      There is a plan for each of us and mine was to find balance and peace in all that was not, in my life. I am so grateful I made it long enough to get there and if I can help just one person who is so sad or beaten and wants to give up then all of this is so worth it. I never set out to say the things I have shared here I just wanted a place to write to keep friends up on how I was lol none follow my blog πŸ™‚ but I met all of you. Each and everyone of you I follow inspire me with each post you add here. Such wonderful people holed up at home writing pretty poems and sharing their world in photos or just story telling. Thanks for reading and always being a positive in my life XO

    1. Man who knew we would all get to know each other and just listen. The world needs to Blog, pray and meditate and just try to be human

      HUGS Linda
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment

    1. Sure is and we can be our worst enemy wallowing in self pity and self hatred I finally know without a doubt I am loved for being ME thanks for taking the time to read the WP promt

  3. I am still looking for this peace after the loss of my son and health, but knowing others read my blogs, that I can read theirs and that we share a connection really does make things easier. beebeesworld

    1. I never in a million years thought I would write anything even bad poem never mind tell my story it has just evolved and grown and I have as well. I know you love your son and miss him so much. After I went away in March all has changed in my life from sadness and depression to joy and love and I am so glad I had all of you there to see how I have found balance because life did suck not that very long ago HUGS Brenda each day you make it to the next I smile.

    1. Thanks so very much I will see what is involved as I already have that award but thanks so much for awarding it to me again πŸ™‚

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