WordPress Daily Prompt: CHANGE/ No Longer a puppy

No Longer A Puppy
No LongerΒ A Puppy

24 thoughts on “WordPress Daily Prompt: CHANGE/ No Longer a puppy

    1. So much love given and received πŸ™‚ started getting sad about her growing old 😦

  1. your dog is so cute she is just like my dog daisy but she has little brown lines over her eyes……what kind of breed is she….
    what a happy face!!! but you can tell she is very loving!!

    1. She is a Border Collie so she doesn’t know she is really a DOG lol I call her Mommy’s baby she LIKES THAT πŸ™‚

      Pets are the best

      1. Thanks nice to know others love their pets as I do. JT hates my camera as it makes me stop giving her my undivided attention so this was a shot in the home where I said SIT she puts her NOT AGAIN FACE ON πŸ™‚

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