Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write/ Going away to be whole again

Been sad and hurt for too long.

Was told by a child I had placed for adoption,  to go away,  as he had done to find peace and love within again.

I had never meditated before and yes I was worried but I also knew deep inside something had to change.

It was time for me to finally be whole.  So I booked by 10 day stay and in the following months while I waited for my day to

come to take the first step,  there were so many days I thought I would cancel but I did not.

I went away from home for the first time all alone.

I took an oath of silence.

I learned how to meditate.

I learned that I was really strong not broken as I had thought.

Over those ten days away I meditated in silence,  for 100 hours.  Yes it was hard.  Was it worth it,  hell yes. A million times YES.


This trip into the unknown world of Meditation was scary but amazing as well.

I will never be lost again.

I will go within and see all is well.

Life can be so very hard and so many could use this outlet to find peace and happiness.

My son and I agree after having both learned to go within,  that so many could benefit from learning how to meditate

starting with small children.  When I went to school in 1963 there was a time each day we laid our heads on our desk to take

a rest from the stress of learning,  had we been taught the simple act of Meditation in the first grade maybe just maybe

we would could have had a world full of PEACE or a lot less pain.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write/ Going away to be whole again

    1. I still pinch myself I did it. Mike said it was the hardest thing he had ever done and for me it was hard knowing he had to go but life is good now he makes me smile with the joy and love he can now feel.

      Thanks for stopping by I have had so many computer issues on the desktop and too lazy to pull out the laptop after I have pulled out so much hair lol

  1. I’m so glad it really helped you Eunice. In the run-up to your retreat I was worried you were pinning all your hopes on it and it might not work. But it has! I’m really pleased for you! Have a lovely day Eunice! 😀

    1. I do not write well enough to convey all that has eaten at me for 37 years I did not know how much damage there had actually taken place within me. I had issues like staying in a very bad marriage for much too long never knowing why and when my son who I really don’t know had so many issues and he saw something there that may help me I wanted to see if it could.

      I wanted to be so happy, the girl I used to be not just pretend.

      . After learning this technique to look with in and let go of all we hold onto which is not healthy you can not help but feel better. I am still not rich and not 20 and beautiful but I no longer am broken and for that I will always be so thankful and you are right I suppose some could meditate and come away with nothing but for me and me alone that journey I went on for 10 days has changed so much of who I had become.
      I guess it is true you get what you give and man did I give and give. Life is good. No craving no self hatred not sure how the other 700 felt that sat in silence with me or the 300 to 700 hundred that go to this place week after week feel but I hope many come home to the same thing I did. The ripple effect would be amazing


      1. So true there would be. I am so done with all the negative stuff I try not to watch the news just the weather 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Rita. I know what I wrote was short and sweet but it was so worth what I have now


    1. Life is good better than it has been since I was 20 except I have no car nor do I care most days that I don’t talk about PEACE 🙂

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