Wow! What a Difference!


Rantings of an Amateur Chef

I mentioned in a previous post that the good folks at Chobani sent me a selection of their Greek yogurt to cook with. One of the most natural places to use Greek yogurt is in place of cream cheese in a recipe. This recipe uses four ounces of cream cheese. By substituting Chobani Plain Low Fat Greek Yogurt in its place, here is the effect (compared to Giant Eagle brand Cream Cheese I had in my fridge):

  • Calories: Cream Cheese – 400. Greek Yogurt – 85. DIFFERENCE: 315 fewer calories
  • Fat: Cream Cheese – 36g. Greek Yogurt – 3g. DIFFERENCE: 31 fewer grams of FAT
  • Cholesterol: Cream Cheese – 120mg. Greek Yogurt – 8mg. DIFFERENCE: 112mg cholesterol
  • Sodium: Cream Cheese – 320mg. Greek Yogurt – 53mg. DIFFERENCE: 267mg sodium
  • Carbohydrates: Cream Cheese – 8g. Greek Yogurt – 4.5g. DIFFERENCE: 3.5 grams of carbs

There is one area where Chobani is MUCH higher….

  • Protein: Cream Cheese: 4g. Greek Yogurt – 11g. DIFFERENCE: 5…

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