The Man at the Gate

The American Insurance companies are filthy money grubbing Bast#@&s Never promoting Health at all just sucking Blood money from those who know no better. I want my money back for living a good clean life!


The man was well dressed and nervous. He was standing on my lawn blocked by barking dogs as I stepped out onto the verandah.

“Alright if I give treats to your dogs?” He called out with his back to the shiny late model city slick car.the-man-at-the-gate-004

‘Down’  I signalled and both dogs dropped like stones to the ground and went quiet. Well Boo dropped like a leaf but his belly did meet the ground.The dogs both looked at me with their snouts still pointed at the man.

“Yes, I do mind actually,” I said. “We were taught as kids not to take candy from strangers so I see no reason why my dogs should.”

“It is not candy.” the man said helpfully. His car  salesman teeth flashed white and pointy.

“No?” I said “What is  it then?” His eyebrows shook at each other.  “I am sorry I just don’t like…

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4 thoughts on “The Man at the Gate

  1. Liked this one too!:D It’s raining here (yippee!), so I’ve got some time to browse! The weekend is set to warm up again though. Have a good weekend Eunice!

    1. Pouring her too AMEN no lugging buckets of water to care for flowers and garden a rest for me maybe a little trip to VT in AM to search for GOLD 🙂

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