Monday Morning Garden


This makes for lots of HAPPY BEES



I am hoping for some yummy goodness from this plant the flowers are Beautiful



Even these are so pretty if you can get in real close boy I wish I had not lost all my MACRO ability in my camera but hitting re-format 😦




Safely behind the garden fence where hungry Turkey and Bear could easily get into but so far have not.


Finally something for all my effort.




Shortest Corn on Earth



Sad looking Sunflower too much rain and clearly not enough Sunshine.



Not only does the cat enjoy this beautiful plant but the Bumble Bees and these Hummingbird Moths seem to love it as well!



Can’t get a great Macro with Easy Share will have to see if I can get a local camera shop to fix what I have done to it.
You can get an idea about what is happening here in my yard just before Aug.  We have frost that arrives in Sept. and Oct. so I hope this garden starts taking off SOON!


Have a wonderful day!

23 thoughts on “Monday Morning Garden

    1. Not really spots here and there half of what had been doing awesome never showed this year but there is NEXT YEAR lol

      You missed a lot of the storms that nailed us so I enjoy all your pretty shots 🙂

      1. we live in this strange little spot where the storms seem to always go just north and south of us, especially in the summer. It has been a strange weather summer though! I know that you’ll enjoy whatever you have that’s doing well!

      2. We missed 2 out of 3 which I m thankful for and yes you are right once all the seeds I planted finally bloom I will smile AGAIN 🙂

    1. Thanks Barbara they say I was real LOW I did treatment for year but tired of PILLS 🙂

    1. I do I love flowers of every kind but so much rain so much is on standstill 🙂

    1. Thanks I kept trying to get PERFECT shots as it zipped from one plant and one blossom to another 🙂

      1. 🙂 It is what I love about it trying to get one nice shot out of 10 today I think I had better odds can’t wait to see how they came out still in the camera 🙂

    1. Thanks I loved your Peaches we can grow them here but this monster PEAR tree and all the Berries are enough fruit with a HUNGRY BEAR 🙂

  1. Eunice, your garden looks good! We still have August…and let’s hope it’s sunnier! I have that St. John’s Wort in my garden and it spreads EVERYWHERE! Pretty blossoms though!

    1. lol Well I suppose it it continues to rain I could chew on it 🙂

      It is pretty I paid a company in NH to spread wildflower seeds on one whole area of my yard and nothing but undesirables seem to have been added 😦
      Pretty but they like the berries and grapes if they are not kept in check I will have a Bear Den here lol

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