Our Black Bear Is Very Naughty

You know I love my wildlife and you know I feed my birds and I have spoken about this Bear before and since I moved my computer out into the quiet kitchen area of the house and am no longer set up overlooking the lower yard and river. I miss a lot.

This morning I slept in till 6 AM as I went to bed real late. I put the coffee pot on and filled up my containers with fresh sunflower Seed to take out to fill the feeders so they could have breakfast while I read your blogs. I have been leaving the feeders empty to not entice this big black bear and any others with it from destroying the set up my darling made for me to feed them all. We recycled and used an oldΒ umbrella fabric removed and holes drilled in ends to hang feeders and suet from oh and a BELL since he destroyed it a couple of weeks ago so I can tell when he is out they’re messing with it so I can get PHOTOS after all it is what I DO right.

Well it was raining and JT grabbed her Frisbee and me the seed and off we went out to less than 100 feet from the back door maybe 60. I toss her the toy off she goes to catch then go potty and right back she comes to me for another throw. All the feeders full and us wet after 20 more throws we head back in. My coffee smelt great poured a cup and brought up the new reader to find all of you.

I am enjoying the coffee and reading and laughing and crying as some were real touching when the dog starts going NUTS!

Barking and carrying on. He was still asleep but he yelled BEAR. I go to grab my camera and both are plugged in and charging. I grabbed the Easy Share and I get into the living room where there was only a screen between us and the bag of seed and him and the feeders full of seed. He broke one arm but when JT scared him and our human voices he started to beat feet out of here. Thankfully. Then he stopped and start to turn to look our way and I screamed “Get out of Here” all the while JT going nuts and the poor cat who was outside took off and was not seen for 6 hours.

So here is the only shot I got.


Not sure if you can make him out but this is when he stopped and turned and looked at me and the dog seeming to not be worried about us much.  I may end up not feeding the birds there goes my Dragonflies 😦

I swear I was just saying life was so CHILL lol then heart beating what would I do if he came through the screen wanting the whole bag of seed 😦

I shall load the shotgun and have it ready with the cameraΒ  and fire over its head with hopes of making him change his address.

OK I am officially no longer bored

27 thoughts on “Our Black Bear Is Very Naughty

    1. Could have been we have guns but do not want to kill it just make it hunt in the woods many many acres out back over 500 acres 😦

    1. Coyotes are not safe here they have a bounty on their heads 365 days a year in NH πŸ™‚ having meditated I will now let Ron shoot I don’t want bad Karma πŸ™‚

    1. lol it was real close then stood then ran then turned, time for JT to let him know I said GO!


    1. Yes they can get nasty and kill you and I thought it was looking for a fight when I yelled instead of running it turned and headed my way till JT got LARGE and changed its mind Ron said there was a tiny one I pray he was just still waking up I do not want Mom and child Males I can handle πŸ™‚

      1. Yes sadly NH is not used to as many as we have seen of late. They belong here in the forests but lately they have been in yards hungry and stolling our roadways wait maybe they are checking out our Garden Clubs flowers they are PRETTY πŸ™‚

  1. Wow, very close – I prefer to see the wildlife from a distance! You take care, and put that bag of seed somewhere safe!

    1. I doubt there is a safe place in the house the mice try to chew their way in and this bear is really becoming a pain to not me but I think they have a 5 mile radius πŸ™‚

  2. I blew up the pic and saw him though his head was hiding behind the hanging basket – how inconsiderate! I am glad the gun is too scare and not to kill πŸ™‚

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