So Busy Doing Nothing At All

Do you have times in your life where you seem to be very busy but are really doing nothing at all.

How did my life get so simple?

I used to blog everyday.

I made Jewelry every week.

I walked the beaches all winter long and early summer mornings and captured the Sunrises along the Atlantic.

I went away in March and came back profoundly changed and at peace. So much so I don’t do much of anything really.

Yes I wake after 4 or 5 hours of sleep and have two cups of coffee, fresh ground. I eat a simple good for me breakfast as I answer emails play a game of words on Facebook all the while tossing a toy to JT. Then I wash up the few dishes sweep the floors and make the bed. I shower and get dressed and grab my camera JT grabs her Frisbee and off we go to walk the property. Playing catch and snapping photos. Not much plant wise happening here. so much rain, nutrient’s washed away and plants are stalled. I have yet to have the Monarchs show up good thing end of July and Butterfly Bush has yet to open as a way to welcome them here.

My food garden is sad. I have had two cucumbers, one tomato lots of basil and some lettuce. Tonight I snipped Dill for our Tuna fish sandwiches.
Corn is only just over my knee and I am short.

All those pretty shots you saw the last year have either rotted or refused to bloom so I have been busy with Dragonflies. They have been so willing too. I have them all on My Portfolio blog and re-blogged to 20 Lines or Living and Lovin. I am sure I will lose the bloggers I have on my list of followers but truly what should I write about. I have changed so much I hardly even know me.

I joined a Gym can you imagine. I am also in PT for left shoulder. I am still going to Weight Watchers though I do want to quit as I think I can save the $40 a week and do it on my own but then I think I need to get out of the house as winter will soon be arriving and all that damn shoveling once again so I need to be healthy.

With Meditation I have learned to relax but sadly I LIKE that A LOT!!!

So I will try to add some color and interest to this unexciting post the best I can.




This is one of the Garden Club Lilies in Bloom with a pretty insect .  That’s right when it is not raining I spend an hour with a water can watering all the clubs plants.



After I pick fresh berries with the pup and her toy and my camera I make a plate with Greek Yogurt and delish berries.
Yes my kitchen had red counters hard to bounce the flash properly when hungry and tired and no tripod set up.




He kept telling me to come get photos of the last clutch for the year, her third.  He then found a baby dead on the stairs below this nest.  Lousy photo as I did not want another to be lost and the next day the nest day was empty.


As he worked in the back yard all spring and summer he got to watch them grow then fly away and she sat on more.  This is right over the entrance into the beautiful barn I have  in the back yard.  As someone would approach the Mom would bolt to the trees beside the barn and then he would make sure he always closed the door so she did not fly in and die inside while her little ones went without and would die as well.  He is learning to live as one with nature here for which I am very happy.






Black-eyed Susan just before opening.




Yes above is Dill I have begun to mess with my shots out of boredom 🙂


More later.  Tomorrow rain maybe I will play with my Polymer since the floors are clean, dishes done and I will not be WEEDING

Have a great night everyone

I need some SUNSHINE waiting on Sat.

21 thoughts on “So Busy Doing Nothing At All

    1. Yes kind of fun taking it from yellowish green dill flower this this beauty trying to find things I can sell on cards for gardeners that are different as well as colorful like my dragonflies 🙂

  1. The dill is stunning as are the blackberries…now they made my mouth water! Dibble dabble in poetry? Don’t shake your head no….try what have you got to lose? Walk in the garden and write about the flowers not in the botanical sense but how they make you feel? … Just a thought..sleep well E xx

    1. I know I must get back into writing but I was thinking I was missing too much OUT THERE so maybe you are right site and write while I have all I love around me maybe you are right I will give it a try now that I am healed I may be surprised at what comes out 🙂 thanks HUGS

    1. 🙂 I emptied the cards out of cameras tonight to look for inspiration 🙂

    1. You too Cathy! Have a wonderful time! We will have Sun and Rain I should write some songs 🙂

  2. Hi Eunice, Well ! what can I say except I know those feelings only too well. But I think its good to relax take a break from EVERYTHING do something entirely different, for instance I only blog once a week. I do all my household chores early morning because of the heat. After lunch sit in the garden and read a good book,( that is very relaxing )for about one hour. However I never let myself get bored. Main thing is don’t worry about what you can’t do you can always go back to it ANOTHER TIME. but relax is the main thing. Your photo’s are excellent by the way and I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your life

    1. Thanks for taking the time to pop in I enjoy your visits.

      Yes retired at 57 doesn’t help 😦

      I am RELAXED though last 3 days took naps lol I am usually up till 11 and up no later than 5 maybe I just need to catch up on sleep but with rain and then heat too 100 F I see weeds growing better than Lettuce sad with all the work involved.

      Today we had the large bear arrive and both cameras were in charging I raced one in to snag a shot not sure I got one that will show bear 😦

  3. It sounds to me like you do plenty, probably more than you realise. I love the way so many of your photos arise from your property and your daily routine. They’re beautiful in themselves but I love the extra dimension of the context.

    1. Awe thanks so much d3ear friend from so far away 🙂

      The yard is huge and SO INVITING to all the CRITTERS large and small 🙂

  4. It’s good to meditate Eunice and I don’t find your post uninteresting at all. I’ve just taken an offline break and it was so beneficial. It’s okay to slow the pace down. We all need a time to rest and recuperate. Take care 🙂

    1. Boy I sure have been on a Hiatus lol thanks so much feels really strange for me to be so balanced. 🙂

    1. You need to get there QUICK 🙂 I am OK doing dishes, bed and yard then I seem spent 😦

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