Damaged Wings

Who I have been spending a lot of my time with lately. I love them as much as it seems they love me and my buggy yard 🙂

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Damaged Wings

A beautiful Dragonfly that chills with me as I work the yard and gardens stirring up bugs lol food for him.

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10 thoughts on “Damaged Wings

  1. It’s great to have a friend like that. The photo is perfect, facing you like that. It must have taken a lot of patience to catch him just so.

    1. I wish I could say it was painstaking but they are so used to me and the dog and the cat boyfriend too they they even land on my tow while I am kicking back seems the whole world has gone chill well in my yard anyway. Today the HUGE bear came broke an arm on our feeder again 😦 and I ran for camera and may have got a black spot of him. Have not seen my cat since he came through poor kitty must have has a bad fright 😦

    1. Awe thanks I have one I titled Be Happy this one Damaged Wings and another Running On All Six 🙂

      Love their antics 🙂

      I am glad she could see it’s BEAUTY 🙂

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