Savoury Red-Beet Velvet Cupcakes


It had been quite a while that I wanted to participate in  Fae’s Look I Made It! by re-making one of her fantastic recipes but with a twist. I went through many of Fae’s great recipes and the red-beet velvet cupcake was my first choice because they are so pretty. The twist I wanted to put on it was to make a savoury version of it.

Background fact: One of the most basic and common Iranian breakfasts is : (Naan) Bread, (goats or sheep ) cheese , walnuts and herbs. It is known as نون پنیر سبزی “Noon, Paneer , Sabzi” which is usually accompanied with sweet tea. It’s very healthy and to me very delicious.

Joining the two stories I decided to make the red-beet velvet cup cakes to an Iranian savoury breakfast.

Personally, I am very proud of this dish. I loved how it tasted plus the textures are…

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