Daily Prompt: Keep Out/ Hoping My Child Will Not Dig Deep Into My Blog

You asked if there were someone we would not want to read our blog and immediately I thought of my son.

Yes I do not mind if he looks at all the pretty photographs and all of your posts I have re-blogged.

Why I want him to KEEP OUT is I do not want him to know how much pain I used to be in.Β  See it is key that he gets to see

how very happy I am today.

Happiness spreads Joy andΒ  Sadness spreads Pain.

We are both to BE HAPPY for the rest of our days.

So Keep Out



9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Keep Out/ Hoping My Child Will Not Dig Deep Into My Blog

  1. and if he reads and see your pain – as your child he would draw closer still …for comfort..for understanding and letting you know the years of not being together and pain are now long forgotten and both of you have a new beginning… I think if he reads…alll would be well. xx

    1. I hope you are right he was filled with so much pain we are both in a better place to start new πŸ™‚

      He is slamming art out left and right I am so proud he did the 10 days of silence too made all the difference in the 2 of us.

      Thanks for your kind words and beautiful support πŸ™‚

    1. I know what you went through pain wise I am glad we have found each other here and both in NH and both love the OUTDOORS

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