Right-clicking Images from Websites, Pinterest and Google

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This past weekend some friends and I were discussing how some people use images from Pinterest, Facebook and Google Images.  I shared a copyright infringement story with them, and told how shocked I have been recently to find so many of my images ‘shared’ on Pinterest.  But I should be honored, right? Flattered that an award-winning photograph had been ‘pinned’ without my permission and uploaded, and basically been given to the world wide web to be used however they’d like!  I think that that person who pinned the above image agreed before adding the image that they owned or had permission to share it.

This past week WordPress put their spotlight on reblogging and also on Using Other People’s Images.   Both posts received a lot of interesting feedback, including a link to  DON’T STEAL MY STUFF, DUDE  – Laura at ‘Lolabees’ states her clear case and…

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6 thoughts on “Right-clicking Images from Websites, Pinterest and Google

    1. 🙂 I tried to but couldn’t 🙂

      Ones I sell on line are pinned and g+ and tweeted and of course shared on my Artist Facebook page 🙂

    1. And I have my board on there and pin my pieces I have for sale but when they click on them up comes my sale page and a huge watermark 🙂

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