Daily Prompt: Barter System/My Skills

I live in New England where there is still lots of opportunities to barter.  You just have to ASK.
I would love to put myself out there to get some things done around here without reaching for my checkbook or breaking what is left to my back.

Let’s see I have lots of SKILLS to Barter with but are they worthy of what I want them to do for me? Not sure. I guess I am afraid,  yes me, to find they have no use for a house sitter, driver, photographer, dog trainer, gardener, errand runner, cleaning, debris removal, pruning, painting, planting, dead-heading and babysitting.

I am worth a lot for what I know but would they be worthy of real work I need done HERE.

Guess I better get busy since I have yet to add my Barter request to Crag’s  List  wait are you good at painting real tall barns


12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Barter System/My Skills

  1. I’m only good at painting woodwork – or used to be. Not sure I could stay down on the floor that long now….. Stick with Craig’s list! 🙂

    1. lol I can get down not sure I can get up gracefully 🙂

      I may have to rent a lift and do it myself 🙂

    1. Yes then that would mean I was BOLD lol
      Thanks for you vote of confidence. I am going to CT to try out for the Who wants to be a Millionaire show Friday afternoon wish I could have you all in the audience if I am chosen for the NYC show 🙂

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