10 thoughts on “PURPLE

    1. Thanks so much I added two in the store on line incase someone wanted pillows or a pair of prints of a funky Floral Abstract I have this on and the other is more of a Macro of the front bloom thanks for your support and comments I can not tell on my own if others will like them 🙂

  1. You are on a roll posting gorgeous photos. The colors in this one would be beautiful in a woven scarf.

    1. Thanks so much I can make skins for electronics and pretty purses and cards and prints I love how it came out too I am having fun leaning and trying 🙂 with the cheapest camera I could buy a tiny point and shoot 🙂

  2. That is such a beautiful photo Eunice. It would look lovely framed because it would make a room so cheerful. It would also make a nice book cover for a book about flowers.

    1. Awes thanks so much Rita I am trying to do some different things with the photos I take now just sharing to see if there is truly any interest 🙂 I may make some canvas prints of the 2 Purple pieces I have online for sale and a few others and search for a place to get them REALLY SEEN 🙂 then see if anyone likes them 🙂

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