Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone/My World

My Last Rig

My world is broken in two.

The one above, there in my rig, took me to some of the most wonderful places a girl could go.

Home Sweet Home 2
Home Sweet Home

My home is now filled with LOVE

I swear I appreciate that more than you will ever know.


So I am torn

If I ever came into enough cash,  I worry down the road I would leave this place I love.

Never of course  until all who call this place home with me have passed on.   You don’t  hear about too many woman my age running away from home.  I suppose he would go with me but it is not fair to ask another to live your dream is it?


You see all the miles I drove my own rig I only worried about me.I went where the loads took me.

Never just one place .  I just went.  All across this country of ours.

I am a rolling stone in my heart I know this but I try to settle myself the best I can and do things around this place to show how grateful I am but it is hard.

The open road calls to me.

I know I make it sound sort of romantic  but for me it is.

I love my country.

I love its people.

I love driving in my own rig and taking pride in the fact I am a female driver and a really good one.

I love waking in a different spot each morning and  as I say this to you I also know I love it here.  With the man I love so very much and the best Cat and Dog anyone could ever ask for,  always laying at my feet or with us in bed.

I have a new family now and a life far from the road well not far,  I can hear rigs late at night doing what I loved.
I miss it really bad but maybe an RV and lots of cash and  our cat and dog with the  two of us,  heading down an US highway would be OK, maybe it would  take some of the pain away but there is nothing like driving a big rig.  It get’s into your blood I swear it does. He told me if he ever hit the lottery he would buy me a new one,  you see he knows I am truly a Rolling Stone and loves me enough to want to see me HAPPY.

I just wish I could stop missing the road.



7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone/My World

    1. Thanks so much Cindy it was tough to think about it but again I am blessed with all I have I know I am and it helps most days go swimmingly well till WP makes a prompt that YANKS my heart strings lol

  1. You are a rolling stone in your heart Eunice, temporarily at rest and enjoying being surrounded by love. That’s what matters.

    1. I know you are right I just want to be settled with all of that 🙂 I am so happy with every other aspect now but that road is haunting me 🙂 HUGS

  2. I’ve been told that driving a big rig on the road does have its own magic. Even though you miss it, think how lucky you were to have the experience. All of us have wanderlust from time to time and that’s OK.

    1. Thanks I think you are right! I know it is a lot of hard work and many hours of some not so nice traffic jams so Wanderlust it must be 🙂 I like that since all I care to remember most days is THE FUN I HAD not the not so pretty ones 🙂

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