Daily Prompt: The Road Less Traveled/Had I Kept Him

OH yes the forks in the roads for me are not for the faint of heart 🙂

Folsom Mill Studio/Eunice Miller

It was 1976 and I was given money for an abortion. I chose adoption.
Had I kept my child how my life would have been so much better but clearly so different.
Had I kept him with me as I had really wanted,  I would have smiled every day.
I never would have shed tears for 32 years.   I never would have married the evil man I did.   I never would live  where I do now.  I never would have learned all the things in life I needed to learn,  about people and how they really are.

It would have been hard yes. I would have been an awesome Mommy to him.  See I was not that strong back then I had no idea that giving him to a family who would adore him showed really how strong I was.  I just never thought I could do it on my…

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