Daily Prompt: Great or Greatest?/Blogs I follow

I must say when I go down the list of who I follow through my blog at  Living and Lovin I see so many who are just like me.  Like minded. Nature lovers. Pet owners. Gardeners of flowers and food. 

I once wondered if anyone of my friends would bother to read what I had to say and share by way of a photo here and there and quickly got a true lesson in life,  not many if any,  take the time to read what I have to say but among the thousands here at WordPress I have a circle of friends who have stuck with me,  as I began this journey and are still there just over a year latter. 

Blogs come and go but I seem to have enough photos or strange stories to keep a few coming back.  They are all eclectic and lived a full life,  the same as I did and seem to appreciate all life has to offer.

Poems, story-telling and news breaking stories worthy of my re-blogs  I love them all,  for with each post they write  they share just that little bit of themselves.

I may get lost in all I have going on at times but the real connections are there and for that I am so grateful..


17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Great or Greatest?/Blogs I follow

  1. You’re a big part of the support system, Eunice, and I know just what you mean. Few of my friends in the “real world” actively follow me on here, but then, you need to be a blogger to participate properly, don’t you? And not everyone wants to do that. (they don’t know what they’re missing) 🙂

    1. And I shall not be the one to enlighten them or I will fall so far behind 🙂

      I like having you all to follow and I know I have chosen some VERY STRONG FEMALES! 🙂

  2. It’s the same with me Eunice – most of my friends and even family are not interested in my blogging, but I have found so many friends through wordpress who share my interests and are always there to cheer me up, make me think, or just to say hello. I’m grateful too, and Thank You for sharing. Hugs xxx

  3. So true! We have found of community of like minded people here at wordpress who are genuinely interested in what we are interested in. What a gift! Like meet you is. Happy first anniversary my dear Eunice! Hugs~

    1. Thanks so much Cindy I just wish there were more people that were not afraid to share the beauty around them be it in words or photos much more joy could come. 🙂

  4. Happy anniversary and so happy that I’m a part of your blog family, and have enjoyed your blog! My friends and family members have expressed no interest in my blog or art. So I have relied on my online artist community friends and my wordpress blogging family to encourage and support my passion.

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