Daily Prompt: The Natural World/Our Backyard

It was 1963 and I was seven.  We had moved to the suburbs from the city as so many did but I was just a little over four then.

I swear I can remember walking down the street we would be moving to and looking at the few homes that were already up for buyers to pick from.

We went up to the house on the hill and it had a HUGE  frog inside we wanted THAT HOUSE,  me and my little brother.

Mom and Dad decided up by the busy road was not the house for us so we were going to live in the first house as you started down the dead-end road.  It was a dirt road still with 4 homes ready for families and we got number ONE!

The woods  behind the house were off-limits to a 4-year-old and a two-year old and Mom was going to have number 3 soon,  so she could not run after us.

I guess  I was about seven when I first ventured into those woods,  behind our family home,.  There  a stream that ran alongside our property out in the forest. Mom took us three out to pick wild Blueberries.  High bush type so she picked the most and we carried the containers.  It was so beautiful out back  I never wanted to go back to the house.

Mom still lives in that home and when we  lost Dad eight years ago to Cancer,  I found out that when he was not there I didn’t want to be either,  just wasn’t the same but I did go back because Mom is there and I once again stepped back into those woods  and began to cut back the growth on the other side of her  fenced property. See they had fenced it off to keep us in.  Scary things can happen to children in the woods all alone,  though somehow we never quite believed them.  Boy that huge forest I remember so fondly as a little girl is really just a silly half-acre but it used to be HUGE!

I remember  a day so long ago ,  running back to the house with an armful of Lady Slippers for Mom,  oh how I loved these blooms that loved the dark,   damp  wooded areas.  She saw how pretty they were but insisted I should NEVER pick them again as I would be ARRESTED!  They had a law for that,  can you imagine being so young and loving the woods as I did and being told to be good.  My poor Mom had her hands full!

So yes I love the country as it is truly a part of me.  I never pick the flowers instead I  grow so many in my yard as I can  and capture all the wild ones  with a camera.

I never wear shoes from spring to fall  ( well unless I leave the yard) just like when I was seven boy did that make Mom mad,  she said it made her look like a BAD MOM.. I say it  made her look like a Mom who loved to see her kids happy and free to experience all the wonders of the world,  well until I stepped on that bee!

So my home here in New England has a stream for one side of my property line too  and tons of deep woods( over a couple hundred acres)  with many wildflowers and insects , wildlife too.

The city is Grand don’t get me wrong. I spent 27 years driving a big rig through each of our nations cities. Eighty feet long and at times longer and did it like it was second nature to me but come the end of a trip or the end of a sixteen hour day it was back to the woods for me,  as I have always adored nature it seems,  well for the last 50 years to be certain.

Here is my piece of the forest , well this year maybe closer to a JUNGLE with all this rain

lower yard

21 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Natural World/Our Backyard

  1. Nice story, and I LOVE that view of your backyard! When I was little we used to pick wild blackberries. There were no big woods nearby, but loads of fields and streams to play in. 😉

    1. My story was kind of scattered 😦 I had been weeding in a hot garden most of the day should of just drank fluids in the AC 🙂

      I love that you are drawn to woods and water funny how when we start blogging we end up with friends who love the same things GENIUS :)!

  2. This is a wonderful story! And your “jungle” is gorgeous. I’m so glad you have found your niche in nature and are enjoying it just as you did the forbidden woods behind that first house in the suburbs. 🙂

    1. Thanks and Ron still tries to keep me from those scary woods I tell him I have JT no one would dare 🙂 We just signed up for Planet fitness for my last leg of my journey 🙂

      Now JT and I and Ron can hike those mountain streams in search for GOLD 🙂 He joined too 🙂

  3. I loved your story. I remember the woods behind my house as a kid seemed to go on forever. It was magical 🙂

    1. Thanks I do know what you mean and when Mom said dangerous without her I needed to go in even more 🙂 been chilling in the woods my whole life I like it there with the wild beasts 🙂 or simply the birds who reside there.

  4. Love this story Eunice. I was born in the town of Birmingham England and hated it. I was evacuated during WWll into the country so I too was happy and have loved the country ever since. Later when married I moved to Wales. I love Mountains even more. So now Crete is even more dramatic but not so green. Love the picture of your bit of the forest Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Rita your place sound nice I would need so many flowers to make up for lost green grass. I am 15 min from the Atlantic Ocean and 2 miles to the mountains so pretty much a perfect locations for someone like me My yard is lush and BUGGY this year I need to hang 10 bat boxes up 🙂

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