Wambachers for Lunch!

got to try this!

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly

020 - CopyBack in the 70s, my friend Kate and her family made wambachers when we first met.  I’m not sure if they created them or not, but they are so vegie yummy.  This is my version.  Lunch!

You take big wambach cabbage leaves (napa), wash them, and lay them out. (I primarily eat organic, but the cabbage and bean sprouts this time were not, only because I couldn’t find organic at the same time as my craving!)

Spread whatever you want as a dressing.  It can be plain yogurt, salad dressing, mayo, whatever.  These have olive oil mayo with a touch of Cardini’s Caesar.  (I most often try to use 1/2 yogurt to cut the calories.)

Next I sprinkled on some shredded coconut and home-grown alfalfa sprouts.

Add thin-sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, no-salt seasoning, sea salt, and kelp.

022 - Copy

I added a little gouda cheese and red onion. (To go vegan, skip the cheese.)

023 - Copy


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    1. Every day this week I will have this for luch and my homemade veg. soup with Kale YUM maybe I will see a 4 lb loss 🙂

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