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Ticks are not my favorite topic.  Ewwwww!   But some things simply must be told.

On April 29th I noticed a funny little thing clinging to my arm,  about the size and color of a grain of wild rice.

Once the mysterious bug was removed, I still didn’t think much of it, except the bite area immediately began to itch and swell!  “Hmmm,” I thought, “Probably nothing to worry about.  It’s in a tender spot.”

Lyme Disease has been increasing around Virginia.  My own niece has been suffering from its devastating effects now for four long years, so I suppose this has made me acutely “bug aware.”

And even though the bug that bit me didn’t look much like a tick, I saved it on a damp white napkin in an airless plastic bag, in a hidden part of the refrigerator.  I also labeled it with the date and…

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    1. OH yes they are nasty up here in New England too as they were set free from a place in CT damn them!

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