I’ll Swap With You, Well Till We Start To Dry Out!

Flash Flood Warning

Yes this is now my yard remember my blogs from winter or from the floods?
We are truly jungle like these days. Warm and humid and tropical rains and now we are under the gun for some serious Flash Flooding! It is when the river will rise up and over their banks and can destroy roads and yards.
Can you see this Green Growth?  Soon there will be blooms, dragonflies and butterflies all over this yard of ours.
I hope we still have bats in my bat box because this afternoon it was so hard to get these shots as I was constantly swatting mosquitoes!

I have grown Tiger Lilies along one section of this river that is the southern property line

Tiger Lilies

I am trying to find out what kind of green weed is on the front right that is taking over our yard. Do you know what it is called?


Taller than me!

These are growing so fast with easily 10+ inches of rain this spring plus the 100 inches or more of snow we had this winter plus the river as it comes us and goes back down.

Wildflower or Weed?

Wildflower or Weed who knows,  not me till it opens!

I have more that are open rain and all(sorry for all those who need the rains so bad parts of Canada and all of New England will truly give you some of ours)seems these things that call my yard home are LOVING IT!

Yellow Bloom with company

Tiny Yellow flowers so you know how tiny thins little bee was!  So tiny I never saw it till I went to share it with YOU I love nature in MACRO!


soaken wet beach rose blossom

So many blossoms are gone before their time hope there will be plenty for our honey bees if and when the sun shines again.


Before they open


Beach Roses before the buds open and in the background the Rose Hips wait to ripen.

Good and close bugs are too!

Happy Hour!  Free Drinks!


Time for a drink


Pretty male Finch just before he was ambushed by a Baltimore Oriole  bullies!



Baby Pears

Baby Pears are covering the tree we pruned in early spring yes we lost some possible fruit but I could not pick it that HIGH!  Rotten squished fruit attracts too many BEES and remember he is highly allergic.


Gotta go

Well gotta run my little girl wants me to play catch with her AGAIN!
My beautiful tree is loosing all her lovely blooms TOO MUCH RAIN!
Maybe I will sell MUSHROOMS!

20 thoughts on “I’ll Swap With You, Well Till We Start To Dry Out!

  1. So beautiful Eunice. It topped out at 109 degrees today. Extreme heat warning. Very unusual. Horrible for the animals. I’ve put out huge bowls of water. I want your rain! Your garden in stunning~

    1. JUNGLE! I would love the sun and fun seems those who want it go without damn weather! Thanks so much each year this place comes together more and more then again I am always doing something NEW lol

  2. Rainy and swampy here too…makes for too many mosquitos 😦 Your garden looks so lush and beautiful! Love your macros!

    1. Sorry you too are swamps and that was so nice for you to say I am going to try to connect it to trip pod and get better at them 🙂

    1. NC must be the same this year I mow a lot just to stop it from covering the HOUSE lol

  3. Lush! Really lovely and green your way Eunice, but I do hope it dries up a bit for you – the mosquitoes were bad here too after the heavy rain in spring. I don’t know what that weed is, but we see it all along the river here too! 😉

    1. Thanks Cathy and yes need sun to bring blossoms on veggies and for bees to come or all these yummy things growing will ROT well then again I can count on the weeds thriving 🙂 My spider plant goes out each year with the rest of the house plants I have and they have doubled already now where will I but them come frost 🙂

  4. What stunning, lush beauty indeed! Aye, arg, I can relate to the battle of the mosquies whilst trying to capture that exquisite shot! Well done. I especially loved the pink petals laden with rain-drops, just gorgeous. Redolent so of steamy Florida monsoon days. In the county I live in, we need more rain like this. Hardly any mosquies, but plenty of the bats. The cat dashed out the door the other night and as I trotted after him and gathered him up in me arms, a wee bat swooped down to have a closer look. Apparently human-holding-cat scenes were new to him, as he squeaked profusely. I love the bats, they are me dear friends. Wonderful images and words, excellent post! Many cheers,

    Autumn Jade

    1. You are very kind Amber 🙂 I love the image of your bat checking the two of you out!
      I am self taught never learned how to use a camera really just place it to my eye and shoot but I love the world around me in all of her glory so because of the rain and so much of it out I go as soon as it lets up with dog and cat in tow to capture even her raindrops as they are upon everything here.

      I lived in Plant City FL for 8 months and loved it have an Aunt and Uncle in Arcadia and a brother in Deerfield Beach and friends all over FL half my school buddies have gone to escape the winter I am learning to embrace that one season I dread for it is when our area takes a rest 🙂

      Thanks so much again for stopping by to check out my blog I shall be by yours as well 🙂

      1. Ugh, such days are what I live for indeed!!

        I’ve beetled around Plant City and Deerfield Beach, too. Lovely. Fantastic produce in P. City. 😉

        I am originally a Northerner, but have been a Southerner for nearly a decade. It is stupendous, but of course, by nature, I’m very Irish and I like a cold, dreary, brooding winter very much. I love drear, aye that I do. Bah, still, I’m the sort that would be happy living just about anywhere! Arg.

        So grateful you enjoyed the bat-saga. I just love bats, they strike me as tremendously cheerful creatures.

        I was in the thick of it with the mosquies like you the other day at a new park I discovered. It was grand! There was a bird-feeder at the nascent of the trail and a hawk was blithely perched at the top. I was astounded, just gawping as I do, and missed the shot as Sir, my walking companion and father, went galloping oblivious right into the scene. There were at least 87 squirrels (all right, 12…) on the ground that sprayed into the flowers and the hawk loftily swooped into the heavens and I balked and screeched like a dying rabbit- “SIR how COULD you oh the agony!” He looked over to me blinking and smiling, “Did you see those cute squirrels?!” Head hangs.

        Your photography is wonderful! I am entranced. Loving your blog too much.

        I too just took up photo-taking by snagging cameras and snapping without first speeding off to take classes or at least reading a few thousand books on the topic. Hands-on. I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time, which I don’t har har, but I just love it. I really learn a lot too just by gamboling about blog-land and imbibing of all the wonderful photography found here.

        And I’m going to stop rambling right now or it will be a novel later before I’m done, blast me. I have a terribly fast typing speed, it’s an abominable affliction. And there I go again, still yammering away. Forgive me. Cannot wait to cursitate about more of your blog and see more glimmering reflections of your world there. Cheers!

        -Smiling Toad

      2. Thanks so much. I have so many like me who follow my silly blog just like me and I love it now if we could just get the rest of this world on board 🙂

  5. The green thing taking over your yard is called deer tongue grass. It’s hard to control and will take over if left alone. The yellow flower with a bee on it is St. Johnswort, which is pretty.

    1. Awesome thanks so much! So do I pull the Deer tongue out I mean it is EVERYWHERE when I mow it looks like I have a green lawn 😦

      Thanks I did not know I had that here and the bee was so little 🙂

  6. Please feel free to share your rain with us! New Mexico had 10 cities with record breaking heat on Thursday and we are dry, dry, dry! It’s another bad season for wildfires. 😦
    On the plus side (always look for the plus side), we don’t have a yard full of prickly weeds!

    1. lol you do not! How are the snakes fairing? I want to load a bunch of planes and send them westward and have them deliver to you this country is so strange not like the old days or maybe we never heard about it then 😦 Stay safe Jody. Drink lots of WATER!!!

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