No I have not been hitting the bottle, HONEST

Hi everyone!


Time for a little post to say I am still here and following posts of a lot of you on my new reader through RSS links thanks to those who added them for me.

First can you add me if you use Facebook or G+ so I do not lose you 🙂  Mine is Eunice Miller (photo of JT is always what you will see first 🙂 she is a star) I also have an artist page on Facebook too Folsom Mill Studio so please stop by and LIKE ME 🙂


Ok now here is something for you to ponder.



See what I mean!

If you stopped by you would think I was wouldn’t you?

I am just craft and I recycle and no not from MY KITCHEN lol I stole these from the local landfill these are perfectly good bottles!

I will cut them up and use in other ways.  Candle holders, drinking glasses, bust some that may not cut perfectly and throw them into the kiln and see what I can make out of the warm glass.

I can do so many things with them  I can break them and place in my rock tumbler to get them smooth and wrap in silver wire and added to a pair of ear wires or on a wind chime.
So many possibilities for these rescued bottles do you recycle and make pretty things with them.  Like a soup can you can punch a heart design on it with a nail and add a candle in the bottom just a tea light will do and place out where you have you glass of wine on a hot night under the stars.

Follow me on Pinterest I have Pinned a few ideas there YOU?

So if you stop by  don’t expect me to have a bottle chilling in the refrigerator or  wine cellar  just piles of empties to get off my butt and make something pretty with.



11 thoughts on “No I have not been hitting the bottle, HONEST

  1. Great post! I found you on Pinterest and am following! I’m way behind with pins, but I’m definitely going to pin some of your beautiful flowers. Where does everyone find the time? Lovin your creativity! _Resa- hugs

    1. Thanks can’t wait to pin your stuff too! I do computer in AM with coffee and at night while supper is cooking and my feet are up waiting for Motrin to kick in 🙂 HUGS

  2. I love your Pinterest posts and I also love knowing that I am not the only one who’d be considered a lush just from the amount of interesting booze bottles I scavenge to bring home & re-use lol!

    1. hat’s cool you do too 🙂

      Thanks so much for checking out my PINS 🙂

  3. Hi Eunice. You have some great idea’s there with bottles. What a good way of recycling. I am going to look at your Pinterest now.

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