World War II,chapter 67, No Mail Again


World War II

No Mail Again

Chapter 67

It was snowy in Belgium in January of 1945. It was cold during the day but at night it was making life miserable for these soldiers. There are many pictures taken of them in the snow there. I know they stayed in the Courthouse in Arlon, Belgium at least a couple of nights. Then they housed down in a four story chateau in Gurish. What I don’t know is how long they stayed within the warm protection of that chateau.

4 January, near Arlon, Belgium

My Darling Wife, No mail again today. My good luck didn’t last. Sure wish it would have held now a couple months. But someday it will get here. Then I’ll be in the mood again. I finally got a letter off to Aunt Clara and Uncle George. It wasn’t much but I couldn’t think of much to…

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