Alone With My Beads/Daily Prompt: The Zone

Inspiration comes in many forms but when it happens to me I either grab a camera or my Blue Tray upon which I do my Beading.

I head into the spare bedroom,  though there is no bed and open up the many drawers and containers I have full of beads.  As I poke around I zero in on the colors I have available.  I used to just have colors of the Sea.  I have been beading for two years now and have some of each color it seems.

So with tray in one hand I begin to add beads, needles, thread and findings to complete a project.  Who knows if I will sit and work it to the end or put it aside half-finished for a later day.

Even when gathering the supplies to make something pretty and new,  I slip into THE ZONE.  You have to or the creative juices can stop flowing,  even before you begin.

Now with all I think I will need,  piled high upon my blue tray,  I sit at the table over looking the yard and river with my dog and cat close by.  I add the string to my needle,  usually Fireline so the piece will last for years and then I use the needle to pick up one tiny seed bead at a time.  I like using 15’s and 11’s the best.  They are very tiny.  I have to focus or prick myself.

As I sit and pick up each one and add them into my design it starts to come together nicely and as I do the world seems to stop.  Yes I enter THE ZONE rather quickly when I place that Blue Beading Tray in front of me.

Do you BEAD?




Have a great day getting lost in THE ZONE!

17 thoughts on “Alone With My Beads/Daily Prompt: The Zone

  1. Sounds like a personal form of meditation… like when I’m weeding in my garden, I enter a different world! 😀

    1. I do then as well but then I hurt too bad and come back to the REAL WORLD 🙂

      It was a prompt from WordPress you can do it too!

  2. Hi Eunice. Beading is very relaxing. I began looking in antique shops for old Victorian bead bags and pictures .Those that were damaged I stripped off the beads and used them to make my own picture. I have to be in the mood and sometimes I don’t touch my picture for a couple of years. I have one on my trestle now a pic of Nefertiti waiting to be completed. I guess the computer and blogging distracts one doesn’t it.

    1. Oh man that and LIFE Rita yes.

      I want to see a photo though send it to my email if you want I do not think I have seen what you are talking about though beaded bags now those are nice but hard to get what you spent on one to buy beads and make. We must bead MORE 🙂 just for our own enjoyment 🙂

      1. Hi Eunice. There is a post on my blog called the Beauty of Beads where there are some photo’s of Victorian bead bags and other items made using beads. I will check when I put that on and get back to you. will also send pics of my beadwork.

  3. What a wonderful hobby you have that puts you in THE ZONE so very quickly. I would love to see some of the results of your beading efforts. I am a bit too clumsy to handle such fine work myself but I so admire you. 🙂

    1. Thanks I admire YOU TOO!

      Such a calming hobby hard to get stressed with a sharp object in ones hands 🙂

    1. You should! So many free videos online yell and I will send you links 🙂

  4. I love the way you have your materials organised and to hand, and also the way you arrange your environment for when you actually do the work.

    1. Thanks it is so unlike me lol I am trying to FOCUS on doing things simple and neatly is working 🙂 You do not have to turn sideways to walk through my home but it sure LIVELY 🙂

    1. lol when I put my mind to it 🙂 It was the daily prompt been trying to get back into writing 🙂

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