They Needed Me As Much As I needed Them/Daily Prompt: Silver Linings

I was still injured but I needed a job.

I used to drive a “big rig”  but then I was hit,  by that bus.

I went through the savings which were sadly,  as in most case, s never enough.

I saw an Ad in a local paper for a Special Needs School Bus Driver,  surely I could drive a small van.

I applied for the position and they could clearly see my wounds but it was the ones inside that hurt the worst.
Due to my physical injuries I was given the troubled youths to transport to schools where they did not want to attend.

Many never even bothered  to get up and shower and dress for the day,  never mind step into the van.  Very sad.

One by one as they entered my school bus I introduced myself,  the one with the huge blue knee brace on.

I asked them to buckle up and not to swear (being a trucker at this point didn’t matter) I turned on music of their liking

just not gangster rap!

I knew they all had stories about how they ended up on a bus such as this.  I did too.

I showed them respect and demanded the same right back.  Friends were  worried about me alone with them.

So many scary stories you read about children such as this.  Remember they were the worst of the worst.

No one else at the bus company would drive them willingly.  So they gave them to the New Girl!

I had a run in the morning where they were still half asleep then again in the afternoon after no nicotine.

Yes some were angry.  Many had nice parents that just could not take it anymore and turned them over to the state.

Some lived with Grandparents God Bless them.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into years, two of them, I healed. So did they.  We stopped listening

to music unless it was them singing to my great-niece in an infant seat while one played the guitar.  They had

me to smile and make them feel welcomed each morning and I was their ride away from that school each day.

I had a solid group of eight who had been tossed aside.

Told they would never amount to anything.  Have you been mad enough to say that to your child?

They were so talented in so many ways, I was so proud they stuck it out and rode both ways with me.  I will always

remember these young people who not only graduated but in the end helped me to heal all the hurt inside.

They all know that they were MY SILVER LINING.

21 thoughts on “They Needed Me As Much As I needed Them/Daily Prompt: Silver Linings

  1. Such a lovely good-feel story…yes sadly I have been that mad – I think many probably would have said that to their child. I breathe a sigh of relief knowing my words said in anger, did not stop my children from achieving though xx

    1. 🙂 It was a prompt story about Silver Linings 🙂 We al have them 🙂

  2. Who is to say who gave the most or your group of eight? Perhaps all of you came together when you needed something, healing, love, respect. Whatever the reason, I’m glad you all came together and found something that made you feel special. You often do that for me.

    1. OH thanks so much for saying so HUGS

      It was wordpress daily prompt that was about Silver Linings which had me remembering THEM 🙂

  3. Do you still see any of them? My Momma was a friend to those who had little…many children were given first birthday parties at my house as I grew up…first dates were shared. Mine and my brother’s clothes were shared…they often wrote letters to her and when she died some even came to her funeral.


    1. I do not know where they went on from graduation but there are times while shopping I hear someone scream my name then come a big hug from one of them. Always makes me smile to know we will forever have a connection.

  4. Eunice, this is a touching story. As a teacher, I really appreciate what you did. Bless you, and bless those young people. You all bonded in a meaningful way, creating for you, I’m sure, a memory that will last forever. Good for you. I read this as a true silver linings story. Oh, and I’m doing the Daily Post challenges too.

      1. I miss the old days on 20 lines just been going 100 mph in so many directions 😦

  5. So wonderful how you touched those young lives! Thank you for showing them a good attitude and someone who cared about them. What a blessing you are to others!

    1. No I am a injured TRUCKER lol yes I seem to always see or find the good within people even if it almost kills me 🙂

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