I Always Seem To FIGHT

The Daily Post Prompt Fight or Flight!

Looking back at my adult years for some reason I always rush in.

I never stop and take the time to see if there will be any danger in doing so.

Maybe it started in my home as a child and Dad pulling over to help stranded motorists or maybe all the years I was a Girl Scout.

I have met some wonderful people by stopping and asking “Can I help you?”

Some I didn’t have to ask because if I had not done something they would have died.   I could do with out worry and drama but it is who I am,  I recuse animals or people and yes there have been times I wish I had put more thought into it.

10 thoughts on “I Always Seem To FIGHT

    1. I thought maybe STUPID 🙂 just kind I would say though often I thought after the adrenaline left me What were you thing???? lol Thanks so much

  1. I totally read this wrong! I did not see confrontation I HATE THAT and would turn and walk AWAY but I thought it was do you rush in to help or turn your back man this HEAT WAVE is frying my already addled brain 🙂

    1. When and if I am in trouble I have them coming out of the woodwork if I let it be known lol

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