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The Culinary Cougar

There is a show on HGTV called “Creative Juice”. I don’t believe they’re making new episodes anymore, so the show is all repeats, and on at some ungodly hour like 5:30 am, but thanks to modern technology, I just DVR it and watch it at my leisure.

I’ve tried several of the projects presented on the 30-minute show — they’re fun, easy, and functional. And while I wait to indulge my creative juices in the culinary realm when school starts in a few weeks, it’s been one way for me to satisfy those artistic cravings.

My latest project is a bird bath. The show presented it in a different way, using stencils and that kind of thing. I modified the instructions a bit by using some fun pastel spray paint.

The base of the bird bath is simply three terra cotta pots (turned upside down, of course) in 14″, 12″…

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