Hard To Believe It Has Been But A Year


I have been here for only one year but as all of you know who are still here and follow me what a journey it has been!

I used to be the young girl above,  then shortly after so very much pain.

I  shared most of it with my followers oh wait maybe that is why  I saw a drop in numbers,  only kidding!

I know the real reason I am BORING lol


I want to thank those of you who still blog and who have shared this amazing past year with me.

I never thought in a million years I would ever find so many wonderful and amazing souls in one special place.  I am glad you are here and sharing your worlds with me!

You know me better than my family members

You love JT as much as me    🙂

You put up with my not so perfect photos I share with you all and in the same breath I get better.

I introduced you to my son and now he will be back east as soon as he finishes with his job he is doing.

Life is good then again after going away for those 10 days in silence I realized it always was.

You give me so much inspiration honest you do.

I read your poems that you wrote or ones others did and let them move me.

You shared your homes and family as did I so now we no longer feel like bloggers but friends who can have too many dear loving friends?

You come from all over the world and I feel so blessed to have met you here.
You have shown me countries  I always dreamed of but will never see for myself so thanks to all of you who love photography too!


Should any of you ever travel through New England you know I will always be here to share a cup of coffee with you  for we are FRIENDS,  new yes just a year or less but still you know me well.



20 thoughts on “Hard To Believe It Has Been But A Year

  1. That is wonderful.. I know I haven’t been an avid reader but I love everything you share, that I come across.. Wishing you all the very best for your continuous blogging adventure,

  2. Congratulations on being here for a year. It has been a challenging year, but you have prevailed. You are truly special and I am lucky to have met you here. Good luck for a better year.

    1. Thanks so very much. I did push through and came out the other side healed and happy but that path was rough and me knowing roads as I do you would think it would be a breeze 🙂

      I am blessed to have met you here as well

      This year will ROCK! I can feel it in these bones 🙂

      Thanks for being there.

    1. Thanks honey so much you all inspire me as well with my new reader and everyone’s rss feeds hope I can play again!

  3. Congratulations Eunice, and thank YOU for sharing all your beautiful pictures of your part of the world too…. and your stories and laughter! I’m raising my morning cup of coffee to you and your second year of blogging. All the best! xx

    1. Thanks and I couldn’t sleep so I will raise my 1st cup right back at you Cheers can’t wait to see what this year will;l bring 🙂

  4. Luv JT luv you too – Congratulations on your year! This brought a very large smile to me as I read it on my phone. You have written with such honesty and warmth about what blogging has meant to you and you good heart shines through every word. Put the kettle on luvey – how nice would that be? 🙂 Well done on your 1st year may there be many more to come. xxx

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