Raindrops Keep Falling………..



On my head and everything else here in New England.

Not discouraging these Ants that are all about the sweetness within this Peony bud.


Tons of Lilacs this year but all this rain weighs them down and turns than brown.


Icelandic  Poppy also covered in raindrops


We have a little water in the river lined by so much glorious GREEN it has been real low since they closed the dam to get the big lake ready for boating, camping and fishing.

Last one


Can you see her above?

This is the view out my Kitchen window.  I want to put a huge umbrella up so she is not soaked all night poor creatures who have to deal with all that weather throws at them.

So let’s see I did a new thing with beads yesterday and was gone from home for almost 6 hours boy I have not done that since I went away.  Felt great!

Wait till I show you what I did!

One of the woman in the Gardening Club with me was home and we were given over 40 potted perennials and she came with me this morning to lad them into the truck.  Big help and they are gorgeous!




I will grab some photos to show you the beading and a few other things I love the new reader I use can you add RSS feed to your blogs as it is how I add each one I follow some already are using it.

Take Care


Happy Memorial Day to all of you and ones who will be traveling,  please do be very careful.




10 thoughts on “Raindrops Keep Falling………..

    1. Thanks so much The creeks will rise and I swear I saw the grass actually grow before my very eyes lol

    1. I am waiting for coffee to finish I have one of the old mr coffee’s as soon as I have one in front of this pain ridden body I am going to pour through your pasts and looks for a RSS feed too Man it looks more like photos of Nam than NH right now 🙂

  1. We just got to Maine, and it seems that it’s been raining for days. I’m so excited to see tulips still blooming in the yard, but they are so weighted down by water they are having a hard time holding their heads up.

    1. I was just saying the trees are bent as if they were laiden with SNOW enjoy your time in Maine I am just a 40 min ride to Portland 🙂

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